Mexico City

One of the biggest cities in the world, Mexico City, has always struggled with crime and insecurity. As the drug war escalates in the rest of the country though, the city has remained relatively safe. Read about the successes and failures of ongoing efforts to ensure the security of the city's inhabitants.

The People of Tepito

Tepito is Mexico City’s most notorious quarter. While the media generally focuses on violence and crime, Francisco Mata portrays the barrio’s inhabitants.

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Punishing the Informal

The prison rates in Mexico City are higher as during authoritarian rule. A side effect of economic transformation, argues Markus-Michael Müller.

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Fighting Machismo

Sexual assaults happen daily in Mexico City, and frequently on public transportation. The Inmujeres organization is fighting for women’s rights and safety.

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Understanding Crime

Crime in Mexico City is a multi-layered problem. We asked two experts to break down the figures and cut through the complexities.

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