Beirut has been ravaged by war and put back together many times over. Now it’s under strain again due to an influx of refugees in unprecedented numbers. Its infrastructure and social fabric are battered, but not broken. Here is why.

Transforming the Face of Beirut

An interview with Beirut’s street artist Yazan Halwani about migration, Lebanon's vibrant culture, and his calligraffiti art.

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Mean Streets

Syrian refugee children sell roses or collect scrap metal on the streets of Beirut. They sacrifice their futures to ensure their families' survival.

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Re-Beirut – The Impulse Generator

Felix and Hans set up their online platform to feature hands-on ideas for promoting the integration of migrants.

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Debt and Deprivation

The Syrians finding refuge in Lebanon’s capital Beirut impact the city’s social fabric and economy. UNHCR fights for a better life for everyone.

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