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The idea of the shareconomy has given rise to a variety of thoughts of how to use technological inventions to enhance development. It will have a lot of implications for the economy, journalism, education, and the way all of us interact…


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“A Historic Shift in Conversation”

Transition Network aims at the mind sets of developed countries - seeking to transform the affluent Western way of life.

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Generous Envy

The willingness to share depends on different motifs – even envy. Examples from Pakistan, Latin America and the USA.

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Fight for Rio’s Streets

In Brazil Graffiti is a weapon of the poor and disinherited. Artists are reclaiming the streets, using their fame to build and educate their communities.

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What Do You Share With a Stranger?

Performance-based artist from India, Amitesh Grover connects strangers from all around the world – without sharing a room.

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“Happiness Is a Skill”

Tho Ha Vinh, Program Director of Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Center, explains why happiness is a more important indicator than economic growth.

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Possession Rather Than Ownership

Alternative economic approaches – based on commons – have emerged around the turn of the century. Are we heading towards the “ecommony”?

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Facts or Rumors?

Social media plays a huge role in African conflict zones. It offers ways for evading media restrictions, but also bears dangers inherent in its use.

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The Hashtag Protest

Ever since the Arab Spring, social media has been praised as a means for civic engagement. Despite its positive impact, restrictions remain.

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Beyond the magazine

“We can’t just leave solutions to the politicians“

Conference on Religion’s Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Broken Toilets

Emily Madsen and Samyuktha Varma have created an international magazine intended to change reporting on development work.

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Challenges for the Media – from Information to Participation

Just a blink of the eye in world history, the 40-year existence of the Internet has been revolutionary.

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Interview: Development Aid is Not All Plain Sailing

5 questions to Andris Piebalgs

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