Every culture has a unique set of values it upholds and shares. How people cooperate is greatly depending on the mind-set instilled in them by their upbringing. We take a cultural trip around the world to explore these themes.

What Do You Share With a Stranger?

Performance-based artist from India, Amitesh Grover connects strangers from all around the world – without sharing a room.

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Generous Envy

The willingness to share depends on different motifs – even envy. Examples from Pakistan, Latin America and the USA.

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“Happiness Is a Skill”

Tho Ha Vinh, Program Director of Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Center, explains why happiness is a more important indicator than economic growth.

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“Carbón en el Agua!”

In his documentary “La Buena Vida”, Jens Schanze depicts the Colombian Wayúus’ fight for their land against supranational energy corporations. A review.

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