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Miquel Dewever-Plana / Isabelle Fougère

Alma – A Tale of Violence

For five years Alma has been a member of one of Guatemala's most brutal gangs, a country today ravaged by an unnamed war. In this web-documentary she tells her confession face to face.

Alma's testimony is unique. The young woman's words open onto images of her memories, of daily life in Guatemala, and of gang subculture.

A web-documentary for ARTE TV

Alma, age 26, knows that her death sentence has merely been suspended. In Guatemala, a country undermined by violence, there are eighteen murders a day. Alma is typical of her generation, youths who grew up in a world where laws and justice were flouted with impunity. Families mired in poverty, despair, and alcoholism destroy each other in gang warfare that has become an ordinary way of life – and death.

For five years, Alma belonged to one of the most violent of the Guatemala City maras, or gangs. She has committed murder, battery, and brutality. Brutalized herself, she has been jailed many times.

She was sentenced to death by her "homies" the day she wanted to quit the gang. Yet she survived the bullets. Although she will never walk again, she is striving to rebuild her life.

An ex-criminal, a victim of her surroundings, a young woman in search of redemption...

Alma is all of these, at once. She chose to tell her story to Miquel Dewever-Plana and Isabelle Fougère. Alma – A Tale of Violence is a webdocumentary published by ARTE, a French-German TV channel.

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