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Dear Readers, most people do things because they have to. Those that get ahead do things because they don't have to.Without innovation, progress is impossible. And without creative minds to drive it forward, humanity would likely never ...


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Stopping the "Brain Drain" in Developing And Emerging Nations

Technology business incubators are on the rise in developing countries

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The Floating Gardens

When there's no space for farming, floating gardens are a way out of poverty.

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CuveWaters: Water and Sanitation for Arid Northern Namibia

How to provide water and sanitation even in extremely dry regions.

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Mobilizing Global Volunteers for Grassroots Innovations

International innovation networks preserve local know-how worldwide.

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Africa Has the Best Forestry Laws: "An Inspiration for the Entire World"

How laws can save the forests

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Rethinking Environmental Protection: IMF Special Drawing Rights

Let's create new money to spend on climate projects.

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A Toilet for the Most Vulnerable: The Peepoo

It looks like a plastic bag but it is in fact a high-tech toilet: the Peepoo

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Chapters #06

Beyond the magazine

“We can’t just leave solutions to the politicians“

Conference on Religion’s Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Broken Toilets

Emily Madsen and Samyuktha Varma have created an international magazine intended to change reporting on development work.

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Challenges for the Media – from Information to Participation

Just a blink of the eye in world history, the 40-year existence of the Internet has been revolutionary.

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Interview: Development Aid is Not All Plain Sailing

5 questions to Andris Piebalgs

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