Welcome World! Getting Ready for re:publica 2013

For the second time, DDD will be media partner of re:publica conference in 2013. The title "conference" certainly doesn't bring up the right feeling to describe what re:publica is really about: a great meeting of thinkers and pioneers of digital life. We're very proud to be part of it again!

Get a taste of re:publica in this short overview, written by Geraldine de Bastion, one of the re:publica curators and one of our favourite authors. She once described re:publica as a kind of festival, and that defintion matches much better than "conference" will ever do. And you'll be surprised how many re:publica-speakers and guests have already written for us - have a look at the "related articles" section below.

It has been nearly seven years since re:publica began thinking about the effects and implications of digital media and technologies, and since then we have seen significant changes. Not only have we seen the ushering in of the digital society – we have the chance to be active participants in shaping and influencing its future.

IN/SIDE/OUT, motto of re:publica 2013, describes this very processes of transformation and growth and asks questions as to place and direction of the individual in relation to the whole. As in every year, we invite all free thinkers and pioneers to enrich the re:publica programme with their ideas, projects, research and activism. re:publica provides the stage to present excellent, exceptional and audacious ideas. Amongst the pioneers we will invite in 2013 are over 20 community manager of technology innovation hubs from across the world. As digital technologies are enabling local innovation – even in places not typically accociated with digital innovation.

We have the chance to be active participants in shaping and influencing its future.

Innovation hubs - a from Cairo to Dar es Salaam, from Rio to Jakarta

In 2012 Mark Kaigwa introduced the "Silicon Savannah", Africa's dynamic and innovative technology scene, to Berlin during his keynote at re:publica. Technology innovation hubs, like the iHub in Nairobi where Mark Kaigwa lives, are mushrooming around the continent and are playing a central role in the fledgling tech and entrepreurial scene in Africa.

Across Africa, in cities from Cairo to Addis Ababa to Dar es Salaam these "islands of innovation" are being established to foster and promote local technological innovation. These hubs serve as business incubators, meeting places for the local technology community as well as points of knowledge exchange. Their purpose is to encourage collaboration and act as physical nexus points between investors, academia, various technology communities, technology companies, and the wider private sector. Similar developments are taking place in Asia and also South America, co-working spaces and technology hubs, fablabs and hackerspaces are developing and supporting the growth of local communities and technology industries.

Global Innovation Lounge at re:publica

In 2013 we are bringing these hubs to re:publica. In cooperation with the GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit and Afrilabs – a virtual network of African hubs –we will invite hubs from Africa, Asia and Latin America to re:publica and to share their experiences in promoting local tech and business innovation and community building. Amongst the hubs from Africa, all representatives from Afrilabs, a virtual network of African hubs, will be joining. The get together will be the first time all Afrilab members get to meet in person. You can meet all the hub representatives at the Global Innovation Lounge hosted by GIZ and Afrilabs at re:publica 2013! Of course, the topic of technology and innovation in Africa will also be presented on stage at re:publica – we are glad to announce that one of Africa's most influential bloggers, Erik Hersman, founder of Ushahidi and the iHub will be joining us at re:publica.

Do you want to attend? Then visit the re:publica homepage for further information:


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