A Hotel? Nope, a Caravan!

An Overnight of a Different Sort

Travellers tend to be drawn to hotels. If money is tight or you prefer the company of fellow travellers, a guesthouse or youth hostel generally does the trick.

Camping has fallen out of fashion in recent years, but the caravan is currently experiencing a renaissance. Though rather than hit the road, today they tend to congregate indoors with others of their kind. Lovingly outfitted, every caravan represents an individual country or motto – and together they constitute an adventure hostel.

If you find that hard to believe, just take a quick peek at our picture gallery. Yes, that is indeed a hostel, just with caravans instead of rooms. 15 historic caravans, two sleeper and couchette cars from the Deutsche Bahn (the German railway company), and two classic US trailers all share a 1600m² space in the German city of Bonn. They will soon be joined by a helicopter as another cosy overnight cabin.

This is the BaseCamp Young Hostel. It is targeted primarily at young travellers exploring Germany – children on class trips, students, and backpackers from home and abroad. It offers guest a good time and an overnight adventure they won't soon forget.

Work on the BaseCamp began in 2012, when a film set designer began outfitting each caravan in loving detail: there is the British caravan with the inevitable tea set, Union Jack and decorous photographs of the British royal family; a 60s caravan with truly original accessories for a true retro experience; a drag queen mobile home glammed out in pink and glitter, of course, and many more. The BaseCamp has been up and running since April of this year and has enjoyed great popularity – and not just with its young target audience.

Companies have also discovered its charm as an exceptional location for events and conferences. A 170m² raised gallery is perfect for meetings and celebrations of all kinds. It comes complete with a kitchen to ensure that all the creature comforts are covered. A beer garden for the warm summer months is currently under construction. It will also be open to "normal" visitors who have not booked a night's stay at the hostel.

Looking for a different kind of overnight experience? Be sure to swing through Bonn on your travels!


(All Photos © Diana Telenta)