Love is a unifying feeling. Some say it is boundless and unconditional. Yet it can cause the opposite. Sexual minorities share the hope that they might one day be able to express their feelings openly. Read about people around the world who are fighting to fulfill this hope.

My Big Indian Wedding

Centuries of history, Indian gods and transgender pilgrims: The annual Koothandavar Festival in South India is tolerant, colourful and, at times, violent.

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Prohibited Pride

Despite a ban on homosexuality, LGBT Ugandans celebrate their pride. Kasha Nabagesera, Right Livelihood Award laureate, spoke about the situation on site.

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Hope Is Contagious

How would you feel leaving home for ever? For Danny Ramadan, a gay Syrian, the decision to flee was never his. It was made for him based on who he loved.

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Able to Love

Our cities and buildings are accessible for disabled people but their desire for love remains a taboo topic. Find out how this stigma can be changed.

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