Children are the most joyful people – if they are lucky enough to be born into a secure environment. We think of joy as an innate quality, but in times of conflict and war, it is a fragile luxury that can be easily taken away from the ones who long for it the most. Read about places where joy is a rare good and meet people who are trying to restore it.

No Boundaries, Only Obstacles

Children learn the art of parkour in the Gaza Strip to help them overcome the trauma caused by war and boost their self-esteem.

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Cambodia’s Mighty Girls

In Cambodia, Khmer girls are supposed to be gentle and obedient. A young woman in shorts is tackling this ideal with her prowess on the football pitch.

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The Brightest Colour of Syria

Despite the cruel face of the Syrian war artist Diala Brisly refuses to give up hope. With her art she paints another story.

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Dangerous Waters

Beyond the world’s attention, violent crimes take place on unstable ground: Child piracy creates a legal dilemma that puts vulnerable juveniles at risk.

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