Hope is the fuel that keeps us going. At times it may be illogical or even the last thing we have to cling to. Yet, during conflicts, disasters and despair, a gleam of hope can ignite change. But what form should that change take? Read about some ideas that are (still) utopian.


DDD’s 19th issue explores how people around the world share hopes for love, peace, health, money and joy.

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Shopping Against Capitalism

Revolutions smash capitalism – not. Instead consumer’s disobedience will, says this intriguing short story. (Maybe.)

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The Real Utopia

By definition a utopia is a place that does not exist. Around the world though, activists are working to stop the destruction of our planet: Meet the degrowth movement.

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Standing with God to End Oppression

Liberation theologians use Christianity as weapon in the fight for the poor. And in a way, even the pope is on their side.

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