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Frederik Caselitz / Marlies Klugmann / Raphael Thelen / Maren Zeidler


Dear Readers,

This summer the news has been full of negative headlines, tales of conflicts and terrorist attacks occurring in various parts of the globe. It seems like the world has become a dark place. Articles tend to focus on the perpetrators and why they have lost hope. Overshadowed by these conflicts, the media often forgets to report on positive initiatives and their impact. For this issue we searched for those people who had not given up in the face of defeat or injustice – DDD issue #19 focuses on “Hope”.

At first glance, hope seems a rather vague idea rooted in religion or spirituality – a concept that is hard to grasp. Yet talking to the people around you reveals just the opposite – our personal hopes and dreams are very clear and concrete. We might hope to find a new job. Another person might hope a loved one beats cancer, or that the fighting in his hometown will stop. The hopes of people all around the world vary a great deal, but they have one thing in common: the desire for a positive outcome.

DDD discovered five categories common to the hopes of people around the world. We all hope for…

…and joy.

In issue 19 of DDD, we have devoted a chapter to each of these. They highlight the people and the things we pin our hopes on. Read about LGBT movements waiting for recognition, about how basic income represents a hope for the poorest, about apps that help pregnant women and new mothers access health information, about inspiring children’s art from Syria, about four women from the Caucasus who overcame the divisions created by conflict, and much more.

We will initially publish six articles and successively add more over the coming months. Every week will feature a new article by renowned authors such as Kasha Nabagesera, “Alternative Nobel Prize” laureate.

We hope you enjoy the read and be part of the debates!

Your team of editors,

Frederik Caselitz, Marlies Klugmann, Raphael Thelen, Maren Zeidler

Photo: “Both happy” by Brett Davies
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

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