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We are witnessing a fascinating, worrisome and inspiring process that will mold the 21st century: the urbanization of the world’s population. Read about the transformative possibilities of cities worldwide…


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Re-Beirut – The Impulse Generator

Felix and Hans set up their re-beirut.net online platform to feature hands-on ideas for promoting the integration of migrants.

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Gift of God

Some saw Katrina as a gift of God: After the storm destroyed much of New Orleans’ public housing, investors and politicians moved in to demolish the rest.

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The Future’s Architects

Kibera, once named one of Africa’s worst slums, has watched officials repeatedly fail to respond effectively to its growth. Until now.

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Fancy Schemes for a Dirty Business

Delhi struggles with unsustainable practices as air, water and land are under assault.

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Mean Streets

Syrian refugee children sell roses or collect scrap metal on the streets of Beirut. They sacrifice their futures to ensure their families' survival.

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New New Orleans

After Katrina New Orleans’ residents discussed: Do we want to reconstruct or reinvent our city? Award-winning journalist Jed Horne looks at New New Orleans.

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Chapters #18

Beyond the magazine

“We can’t just leave solutions to the politicians“

Conference on Religion’s Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Broken Toilets

Emily Madsen and Samyuktha Varma have created an international magazine intended to change reporting on development work.

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Challenges for the Media – from Information to Participation

Just a blink of the eye in world history, the 40-year existence of the Internet has been revolutionary.

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Interview: Development Aid is Not All Plain Sailing

5 questions to Andris Piebalgs

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Hope is the fuel that keeps us going. Sometimes it is unreasonable; sometimes it is the last thing someone holds on to. And mostly: We hope for different things. While some may hope for a big healthy family, others hope for a day without violent conflicts. For the upcoming issue of Digital Development Debates, we decided to focus on people's diverse hopes and dreams.

DDD issue #19 on "hope" will talk about children in areas of conflict, impact and containment of drug trade, women's health, LGBTIQ movements and utopian ideas of change.

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