A plethora of new diets have emerged in recent decades – it seems that the way we select and eat our food has become more conscious. How do people eat in the 21st century? Is it all about lifestyle choices? What are the consequences for the way food is produced?

The Quantified Self

Let us have critical look at the vastly popular apps that monitor the user's everyday life, diet choices and body functions.

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Delicious Bytes

DDD asked seven food bloggers from around the world what motivates them to blog and to share a regional favorite with you.

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The Future Protein?

Insects are a sustainable source of protein since they eat bio-waste. Entofood aims to produce insects on industrial scale. An interview with its founder.

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The Anti-Restaurants

It is trendy to celebrate food culture. Organized through apps or blogs, strangers meet in so called supper clubs – but sharing food has a long tradition.

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