Smallholder farmers still follow traditional modes of production – and they feed most of the world’s population. What is their potential? Currently, there is also a growing trend towards a return to traditional foods in many places. Read about traditions that have survived globalization.

Lima’s New Cuisine

Food trends in Lima involving traditional and indigenous dishes are altering the identity of the nation.

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Hipster’s Hype, Smallholder’s Reality

Due to rising demand, quinoa production and prices skyrocketed in the last few years.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

The expansion of big retailers in developing countries poses a challenge for food security.

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Preserving Our Land

Seed banks are a vital insurance for smallholders’ livelihood. A journey to Santiago Yaitepec shows the need and benefits of local, agricultural self-aid.

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Land, Protest and Tenure Security

Monopolization of land ownership is driving up poverty and vulnerability in Brazil's rural areas. On the governance of tenure.

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Smallholder Farming Under Threat?

How do smallholder farmers view current food and farming trends? Three points of view from Ghana, Malawi and South Africa.

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