Educated Eating

Do we know what we eat? What are the consequences of our diets? Eating – and producing food – requires knowledge. Food guides, seed banks and rural universities are all approaches for providing this knowledge.

Resist the “Snack Attack”

Carlos A. Monteiro warns of the dangers of ultra-processed foods, noting that our personal and social well-being is at risk.

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The Vibrant Sciences of Biodiversity

We talked with Vandana Shiva about her origins, current developments in Indian and global agriculture and the future of farming.

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Bricks Over Brains?

Founding and maintaining a university in sub-Saharan Africa can be quite a “juggling act” – but is vital for the continent.

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Caught Between Hunger And Obesity

In spite of progress in the field of undernourishment, a new trend in malnutrition is on the rise globally: obesity.

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