In the Field

Do we know where our food comes from? Do we know how it is produced and how circles of production work? How do farmers live? Read about soil, waste and smallholder farmers.

Connecting Farmers

With 60% of Africa’s population working in agriculture, innovations like Esoko’s pricing apps promise to improve conditions of smallholder farmers.

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Living Soil – the Basis for Life

The exhibition “Soil. Sustains Life.” shows how humans depend on soil, a non-renewable resource, and why we have to manage it sustainably.

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Creating a Water Shortage

Why is water running out in Brazil’s cities? Does the Landless Workers' Movement provide a solution to it?

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Up-Cycling Our Food

Initiatives around the world demonstrate in innovative and creative

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Egypt's Green Valley

Bad governance of housing policies poses a great threat to Egypt's food production.

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