Responsibility for the Past

The way we behave and act today is shaped by our past experiences. What accounts for us personally, also holds true for societies. How can we deal with the darker pages in our history books?

Facing the Horror

Northern Iraqi society is coping with trauma of the violence. Civil initiatives offer help.

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A History of Responsibilities

Our global society is a history of injustices. How can we take responsibility for the past?

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Prescribed Reconciliation

The Gacaca Courts in Rwanda offered a socially acceptable framework for overcoming the deep gap rent between Hutu and Tutsi by war and genocide.

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Basta Ya – Enough Already!

Colombia has been shaken by violence for the last two decades. What is and needs to be done to overcome the nation’s past?

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Remembering How They Lived

In Senegal, the influence of religious animism is declining as newer generations enter the internet. Dioula Frederic is conserving the custom in his private museum.

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