Common Responsibility

Guidelines, agreements, peer pressure. Goals are easier to achieve when everyone pushes in the same direction. Is that even possible?

The Real Costs of Cheap Food

Hans Herren, holder of the Right Livelihood Award, demands a global change of food production.

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Making a Plan and Sticking to it

Franz Joseph Radermacher answered DDD’s questions about the Global Marshall Plan, the 0.7% goal and global governance.

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“A Friendly Tsunami”

Michael Braungart talks about the reverse character of sustainability and the actual potential of the human footprint. An interview with the founder of C2C.

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Churchill’s Nightmare

The changes that democracies have undergone since the advent of governance are frequently underestimated. The good, the bad, and some cautious optimism.

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A Call for Guidelines

While in the past most companies were lobbying against any state regulations, the mind-set has changed. CSR departments demand for stronger policies.

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Big Data, Big Development?

New technologies open up new solutions to long lingering problems. Yet, this promise comes with risks of exclusion. How can big data be used responsibly?

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