#14 Movement

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All around the world people are on the move. Orders are being challenged by social movements in many countries. Talking about movement opens up a rich space of association that allows us to explore the pressing issues of our time.


Featured Articles #14

The Globalisation Of The Naked Protest

Nudity - employed around the globe and throughout history - can be a powerful symbolic resource for protest movements.

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One Click Away?

Social networks and dating sites make long distance relationships easier. The seemingly borderless digital world is limited though, by national borders.

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“Society Is Always Divided”

Renowned political theorist Chantal Mouffe discusses democracy, right-wing populism, and the possibility of a multi-polar world order.

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Displaced In Their Own Country

Thousands of people have left their homes in Iraq to seek refuge. Many continue to stay in the country. What is life like for those internal refugees?

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The End Of Growth: Panic Or Salvation?

What happens when growth ends? Whether the world is heading for disaster or a golden age is a question of demographics.

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Exclusion Through Citizenship

How does national citizenship play a role in the maintenance and reproduction of global inequalities?

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A Digital Narrative

Nana Oforiatta Ayim creates films as a form of research in action. It is her quest to uncover alternative history about and within Africa.

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Chapters #14

Beyond the magazine

Promoting Decent Work Worldwide

Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi spoke at the conference „promoting decent work worldwide through sustainable supply chains hosted by BMZ and BMAS.

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More than research

Anthropologists get a very special understanding of people’s lives and culture during their field work. Transformations Blog collects their impressions.

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Challenges for the Media – from Information to Participation

Just a blink of the eye in world history, the 40-year existence of the Internet has been revolutionary.

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Interview: Development Aid is Not All Plain Sailing

5 questions to Andris Piebalgs

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What impacts do our actions have? Who can be held responsible for damage done? How can we consume responsible?

The world has come together and actions that we take as individuals may have serious consequences for others far away. People get more and more aware of their behavior - sustainability has even become a sales factor. DDD will lay eye on the topic of “responsibility”. We want to talk about comsumption, about impunity, and about supply chains among other interesting topics.

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