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2015 is the official target date of the Millennium Development Goals. Now is the time to reassess the progress that has been made and create an agenda for “post-2015”. How do we want the world to develop? How can we achieve it?


Featured Articles #13


"Sustainability Does Not Cost More"

Sustainability is a key concept of the Post-2015 Agenda. Australian designer Leyla Acaroglu provides a fun and refreshing approach on how to implement it.

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Commons, Crises, And Tragedies

Managing, using and sustaining resources are social practices. Why we need to talk about the commons when discussing future development and sustainability.

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India: How To Manage Inclusion

Inclusiveness has become a major buzzword. What does it stand for and how does it translate into the Post-2015 Agenda debate?

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Bring 'The' Economy To The Community

Renowned sociologist Saskia Sassen discusses her latest book “Expulsions”

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Where Are The Sexual Rights?

Sexuality remains a field of conflict in many countries. LGBTI activists hoped for a promising new development agenda. So far, they remain disappointed.

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Chapters #13

Beyond the magazine

World We Want!

Since the beginning of 2013, the Development Policy Forum has supported a consultation organized by the BMZ and UNICEF Germany.

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Overnight in a caravan

Camping has fallen out of fashion, but the caravan is experiencing a renaissance – in a new style and indoor!

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Challenges for the Media – from Information to Participation

Just a blink of the eye in world history, the 40-year existence of the Internet has been revolutionary.

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Interview: Development Aid is Not All Plain Sailing

5 questions to Andris Piebalgs

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