The post-2015 process has seen a new level of local, national and global participation – young and old, experts, citizens, farmers, politicians. Read about experiences, successes and shortcomings.

India: How to Manage Inclusion

Inclusiveness has become a major buzzword. What does it stand for and how does it translate into the Post-2015 Agenda debate?

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Voices: WorldWeWant & Friends

The post 2015 Agenda is designed as a participatory agenda. WorldWeWant & Friends is one initiative designed include the world’s youth.

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Seen but Not Heard

Despite repeated warnings from Unicef, children are not being involved in policymaking on climate change. How can they be included?

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Towards the Good Life?

Indigenous groups in Latin America fight for visibility and participation. They could make valuable contributions to the Post-2015 Agenda.

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