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Frederik Caselitz

Dear Readers,

It has been a while since the last issue of Digital Development Debates came out due to changes in the editorial staff. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself as the new editor-in-chief of DDD. I am really looking forward to this inspiring task and I am excited to be contributing to the global discourse on development and development cooperation with interesting stories and debates.

The coming year 2015, will be a turning point for a major part of the world’s population, for communities and nations alike, since it marks the end of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Still, major issues of global development remain unsolved, so it is time to reassess the progress that has been made and return to the underlying questions: How do we want the world to develop? What is our vision of a good life? What is possible and how can we achieve it? A variety of issues have been discussed inside the international community around the so-called Post-2015 Agenda. Despite the critical relevance of the debate about the “new” goals, it will pass by a great number of the people it affects almost unnoticed. It is important, though, that a debate about the future includes these people. Only if people can shape their own future are they likely to take an active part in it. There is still a ways to go to raise awareness for the ongoing process of finding, negotiating, and implementing new development goals.

This issue of Digital Development Debates is a contribution to the international debate about the ‘new’ goals and at the same time an effort to make the process more comprehensible to those who are not part of an expert community.

I am very happy that we were able to conduct an interview with renowned sociologist Saskia Sassen, a researcher who has worked on issues of global development for decades.

But it is not the “big” names alone that matter: Read about two participants in the German youth consultation process “WorldWeWant & Friends”, about the challenges of microfinance in Nigeria, about sustainable design as a mindset, the importance of sexual rights, and the influence of new emerging donors, among other interesting articles.

I hope you enjoy this latest issue. Feel free to comment on the articles, share your opinion, and be part of the debates.

Kind regards,

Frederik Caselitz

Photo: “Ready to Fly” by Meena Kadri
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