Open data, open government – but just how open can governments really get? And how does it feel to be politically powerful?

The Loneliness of Power

The life of the politically powerful tends often to isolation and loneliness. But nevertheless, many politicians still aspire to this life.

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Power Games in International Development Policy

The age of a Western dominated world order is drawing to a close. Rising powers from the South are becoming important global actors.

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Power and Inequality in Malaysia

The inequality of Malaysia’s multi-ethnic inhabitants leads to the “1Malaysia” campaign. But what actually happened to this ambitious concept?

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More Top-Down Participation, Please!

Wouldn’t it be true empowerment though if the right of citizens to speak their minds were directly integrated into political and administrative decision-making processes?

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Open Contracting: Walking the Talk

The quest for transparency, accountability, and meaningful public participation in governance continues to inspire the development of mechanisms that give life to these values.

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