Fear, repression, torture, death – when states turn on their own citizens, it can have many facets.

Chad: Oil for Arms

Oil income is now infamous for bolstering military strength and enabling a firm grip on power by the authoritarian government.

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Pakistan: Time to Tame a Powerful Spy Agency?

How an investigative report embarrassed Pakistan’s intelligence service – and provided an opportunity to place the powerful agency under civilian control.

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Colombia: The Most Destructive Weapon

Colombians have long been ruled by fear. Now they are breaking free.

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Army, Brotherhood, and Liberals

The Story of Power Struggle in Egypt: Three parties hold most of the power in Egypt. Who is going to last?

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Mali: Insecurity Hotspot in the Sahel

Why has the once peaceful country become a hotspot of insecurity?

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Interpol: Fighting Cross-Border Crime

Interpol has no effective mechanism for preventing countries from abusing ist systems yet.

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