When we talk about power in the digital age, we’re talking about cyberwar and cybersecurity, about investigative bloggers and the bounties on their heads. Brave new (media) world.

Drug War in Mexico: A Bounty on Bloggers

Mexicans use blogs, Facebook and Twitter to battle the media’s silence about the war on drugs.

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Interview: The Post-Cypherpunk Era – Cryptology for Everyone

Since the NSA affair, more and more laymen are showing interest in CryptoParties.

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Technology in Africa: Set to Change the World

Why African tech developers might soon overtake Europe and North America.

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Cyberwar: More Dangerous than Terrorism

How much of a threat really emanates from cyberspace? And does soft power have the reach to control it?

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Afghanistan: Politics, Religion and the Media

What a public service broadcaster could do in Afghanistan

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