Different cultures, different lifestyles? Or are there life designs, hopes, dreams and goals that are shared by young people all around the globe?

Hotel Mum

In what countries do young people stay the longest at Hotel Mum? Have a look at European youngsters.

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China's Post-90 Generation

China's youth have different desires and attitudes than their parents. Are they reshaping their society?

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Juba Youth

Five shortfilms from a newborn country: South Sudan.

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Tell me About Your Life

Where do you meet up with you friends? What do you dream of? How did you fall in love? Students from Bethlehem tell about their lives.

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Taking the Pulse of Youth Culture

The radio magazine "Pulse" introduces you to individuals having an impact - both in Europe and beyond.

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Interview: The Millenial-Generation

Examining the Millenial-Generation: When does adulthood start?

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