... for Alternatives

Things need to change. What might that be? Here are some good ideas: about gardens in the sky, mushrooms in the living room, and fish tanks in your backyard.

From Kitchen Scrap to Healthy Food

From Kitchen Scrap to Healthy Food Farms” – the story of Maa-Bara.

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Schaduf: Edible Green Roofs in Egypt

How to turn Cairos concrete forest into an edible paradise.

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Interview: Homegrown Gourmet Fungi

We talk about a decorative solution for home gardening with mushboo-founder Matt Unger.

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Greenhouses in the Backyard

Urban farming in Kenya: the dawn of food security in Africa?

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Above the Roofs of Cairo

Urban gardening: How a citizen-led movement transforms Cairo’s rooftops to greenery.

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