Afghan women in politics – surely you’re having me on! And why on earth should tribal peoples be given the right to determine their own development?

Kinky-Curled Woman in a White World

How an online beauty portal can boost the self-confidence of black woman.

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Make Love, Not Porn

The plattform turns sex education into something sexy.

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Interview: "I Try to Break the Taboos"

Female politican Shukira Barakzai talks about enduring traditions, misguided policies and bomb attacks.

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Not 'Progress' But Prejudice: Development

What does "development" mean for Tribal people: for whom, by whom and to what end?

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Interview: "A message of Freedom"

Women' soccer in Palestine: Despite the checkpoints and the war, palestinian soccer players pass a message of freedom.

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The Dangerous Others

Xenophobia in South Africa is higher than anywhere else in the world.

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