#06 innovation
Sarah Klein


Dear Readers,

Most people do things because they have to. Those that get ahead do things because they don't have to.

Without innovation, progress is impossible. And without creative minds to drive it forward, humanity would likely never have climbed down from the trees. This issue explores innovations and seeks to pay tribute to those people who have brought us proverbial enlightenment and fire. Of course this is just a small cross-section of all that is currently being developed in the world at large, but we hope that this selection fascinates you just as much as it does us.

In this issue we are exploring the fields of Business, Climate, Media & Transparency, Science & Technology and Health – and while these designations may not seem to brim with innovative spirit, the articles certainly do.

When we planned this issue a few months ago, our editorial team could not have predicted how much things would change for us as well. Digital Development Debates has "moved" inside the company – the editorial board is now part of the GIZ's Development Policy Forum, a department that has conducted (informal) political dialogue at the highest level for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) for more than 30 years. This means the DDD can, and certainly will, increase our reporting on dialogues and debates, ideas and impulses from these events in future. And most importantly: we will float them to you for discussion.

It is our pleasure to be able to provide a foretaste of our future plans in this issue: "the world turns – but do we move?" was one of the central questions at the "Minds for Change – the future of global development" conference in November at which Muhamad Yunus was one of our guests. The event was based on an idea from Otto Scharmer who teaches at MIT in Boston. His talk, pictures and video clips with impressions from the conference are also in this issue.

The world turns – let's move on!