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Human rights and globalization -- challenges to the media

"Human rights and globalization -- challenges to the media" is the topic of the next Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn. For its fourth edition from June 20 to 22, 2011, Deutsche Welle expects more than 1,300 participants from around the world. The world has become a global marketplace for goods, ideas and news. Under inhumane conditions, women in Asia produce cheap shirts for department stores in the West. Billions of people are without clean water and sufficient food. More and more people in the Southern Hemisphere want to migrate to the USA or Western Europe. Chinese investors are securing jobs in the USA. IT workers in India are solving software problems for European companies. Fishers in Bangladesh call for market prices via mobile phone. Opponents of the Iranian government organize protests using text messages.

The curse and blessing of globalization represent two sides of the same coin. Globalization offers great opportunities to generate more universal observance of human rights, but it also poses serious dangers to the fundamental rights of the individual. National and international organizations are demanding more and more that people, their needs and their rights be placed at the center of the discussion – as it is postulated by the Human Rights Convention of the United Nations.

The world has become more complex – even experts are finding it hard to comprehend how everything interacts. This is where the media has an important role: to explain and create transparency and public awareness. At the same time, journalists, publishers, broadcasters and Internet providers are themselves major players in globalization, subject to economic, political and cultural imperatives. About the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum: The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum is a congress with international reach. It draws media representatives from around the world and people from the fields of politics, culture, business, development and science. In their interdisciplinary exchanges they design approaches to meeting the challenges of globalization in which the media plays a central role. Many organizations and institutions are partners in hosting the more than 50 events. The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum offers panel discussions and workshops, interactive presentations and exhibitions, opportunities for conversations and an attractive leisure program. The venue is the World Conference Center Bonn, right next to Deutsche Welle's headquarters.