#03 development cooperation
Ute Lange

Introduction: Development Cooperation

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the third issue of Digital Development Debates. This time we are exploring the structures of international development cooperation, which is rapidly undergoing change.

The idea of development cooperation as a set group of countries from the North who cooperate with countries in the South is long outdated. The economic growth of emerging nations such as China and Brazil is blurring the division between developing and industrialised countries; the clear separation of development aid donor and recipient countries is dissolving. China provides aid to Latin American, while Brazil is active in Africa. Cooperation between national donors, international organisations and regional associations, such as Europe Aid, is increasing in importance. This means funds are being divvied up into an ever greater number of pots. Recent studies have also shown that spending for development aid is increasing worldwide – but its effectiveness is not keeping pace.

The authors in this issue of DDD present new donors, explain international organisations, put financing mechanisms under the microscope and discuss their effectiveness. The example of water demonstrates how development cooperation functions worldwide in practice.

We take great pride in having such renowned experts as Simon Maxwell, Franz Nuscheler and Hartmut Sangmeister along with promising young scientists, contribute to this issue.

We hope you enjoy reading Digital Development Debates - be part of the debate!