#01 Biodiversity
Ute Lange


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Welcome to the new online platform of Inwent - Capacity Building International, Germany. Digital Development Debates is intended to strengthen development cooperation, bring its participants together – whether they are active in politics, the business community, science or civil society – and promote mutual exchange.

In July 2010, the German federal government decided to strengthen German development cooperation and combine the three implementing organisations Inwent, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit and the German Development Service (DED) into one organisation and thus increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Germany's international dedication to development. This will lead to a bundling of skills and the optimisation of results. Networking among international and globally active experts is one central focus of this fusion process.

This new online platform is aimed at supporting this objective. Digital Development Debates is a development policy web magazine for interested parties from the sciences, the business community and politics. It presents expert knowledge, encourages discussion and draws attention to issues of international cooperation. Short journalistic contributions address interested laypeople, while articles written by experts in the field go deeper and offer well-founded, scientific information.

This first issue of Digital Development Debates explores the topic of biodiversity in honour of the United Nation's International Year of Biodiversity. Experts and journalists look at patent rights, indigenous knowledge, sanctuaries, the economic effects of the loss of biodiversity or alternative forms of raw materials production.

What makes our magazine unique is that it offers you the reader an opportunity to participate and help drive the debate. You can add your comment directly by using the comment function and enter into discourse with other readers.

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