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Photo Credits

Issue #20 - Work (April 2017)

+ “Hompage Slider 1”
Photo: “Happy food ladies selling Thai food” by Johan Fantenberg
2015 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Hompage Slider 2”
Photo: “construction side” by Dean Hochman
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Hompage Slider 3”
Photo: “Woman working” by samuelrodgers752
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)


+ “Editorial”
Photo: “Happy driver” by Jordi Sanchez Teruel
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Labour 4.0 / the future of work is not pre-determined”
Photo: “The Little Businessman” by J Stimp
2016 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

No Work

+ “Chapter header”
Photo: “Matao Salajendo” by Luc Forsyth
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Unemployed and Violent”
Photo: “The flag waver of Mohamed Mahmoud Street 2” by Alisdare Hickson
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

My Work

+ “Chapter header”
Photo: “London” by Roberto Trombetta
2015 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “The Mobile Generation”
Photo: “Soho Perch” by John Fraissinet 2012 - licenced under
Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Women Entering Tech”
Photo: “Young women learn computer skills” by World Bank Photo Collection
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

Decent Work

+ “Chapter header”
Photo: “Lone worker 2” by Gino Zhang
2013 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ "For a better 2030"
Photo: “Lone worker 2” by Gino Zhang
2013 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Predictable Missteps”
Photo: “View from Golden Hill Towers (long exposure), Yangon Myanmar”
by Soe Lin 2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Europe’s Working Poor”
Photo: “button on sleeve” by theilr
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

New Work

+ “Chapter header”
Photo: “Wind power” by Håkan Dahlström
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “A Global Option”
Photo: “button on sleeve” by theilr
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Morocco’s Solar Bet”
Photo: “Ain-Beni-Mathar-2010-10-27-001” by Philippe Roos
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

Illegal Work

+ “Chapter header”
Photo: “The way they do it...” by Pranay
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Coffee Instead of Coca”
Photo: GIZ/Leslie Searles

Issue #18 - Cities (June 2016)


+ Editorial
Photo: “Busy street” by SØ JORD
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Message from State Secretary Thomas Silberhorn”
Photo: “Taking a shot” by Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “The Resilience Revolution”
Photo: 100 Resilient Cities

+ “Computing Sustainability”
Photo: “Austin City Lights” by Renate Flynn
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

New Orleans

+ “A City Defiant”
Photo: Copyright - Candy Chang

+ “New New Orleans”
Photo: Julie Dermansky (Getty Images)

+ “A Gift of God”
Photo: “Q3133743-NOLA_Graffiti_web” by Aaron Ciuffo
2008 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)


+ “Unequal, Unreliable and Running Out”
Photo: “Refrigerated Cold Water” by Rogerio Bromfman
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Fancy Schemes for a Dirty Business”
Photos: Rahul Kumar

+ “Please Stay Inside”
Photo: www.sayantanphotography.com (Getty Images)

Mexico City

+ “The People of Tepito”
Photos: Francisco Mata

+ “Punishing the Informal”
Photo: Matt Mawson (Getty Images)

+ “Fighting Machismo”
2009 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Understanding crime”
Photo: “Wealldo” by m-23
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)


+ “Transforming the Face of Beirut”
Photo: Yazan Halwani, Source Facebook

+ “Mean street”
Photos: Sam Tarling

+ “Re-Beirut – The Impulse Generator”
Photos and graphics by Hans Henrik Fricke and Felix Steinhoff

+ “Debt and Deprivation”
Photo: Spencer Platt/Staff (Getty Images)


+ Chapter Header Nairobi
Photo: Copyright Anthony Langat

+ “Meeting the World’s Housing Needs”
Photo: Nigel Pavitt (Getty Images)

+ “The Future’s Architects”
Photos: Kounkuey Design Initiative

+ “Much Upgrading, Little Effect?”
Photos: by Anthony Langat

Issue #17 - Sharing (March 2016)


+ Editorial
Photo: “generations” by DIMITRI
2007 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “A historic shift in conversation”
Photo: “Ten Totnes Pounds” by Rick Lawrence of Samskara Design
licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)


+ “The knowledge of 7.4 billion”
Photo: “The University of Iowa” by Phil Roeder
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Let us fix it”
Photo: “Umbrella Issues” by Brett Davies
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Bottom-up Experts”
Photo: “Free Aung San Suu Kyi” by Lewis Hamdreamer
2007 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)


+ “The hashtag protest”
Photo: “Hands up!” by Id-iom
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “The people's victory”
Photo: “Free Aung San Suu Kyi” by Jasin
2007 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Truth is the first casualty”
Photo: “Vendedor de periodicos” by Gustavo M
2007 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)


+ What Do You Share With a Stranger?
Photo: Eddy Joaquim (Getty Images)

+ Generous Envy
Photo: “Evil Eye protectors and branches” by Curious Expeditions
2008 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Happiness Is a Skill”
Photo: “Superkilen, Copenhagen, Denmark - Color street photography” by Giuseppe Milo
2015 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ ”Carbón en el agua!”
Photo: Henrys-Ureche Kohle - ® Börres Weiffenbach


+ “A traditional Shareconomy”
Photo: “Calles de la Paz” by Piero Teardo
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Fight for Rio's Streets”
Photo: by Isabel Makhoul
licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “The third food revolution”
Photo: “Gardening in a city garden” by Sally Anscombe
licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “Possession rather than ownership”
Photo: “Architecture of the Future” by Daniel Foster
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)


+ Tackling Climate Change Locally
Photo: “Climate Justice for All” by Joe Brusky
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ African Reinventions
Photo: “Addis Ababa Literacy App Hackathon” by Beyond Access
2015 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Calling Freedom
Copyright: Boyd Maliki

+ Facts or Rumors?
Photo: “Secure deletion, mobile edition, the office, Hackney, London, UK” by Cory Doctorow
2015 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

Issue #16 - Food & Farming (October 2015)


+ Editorial
Photo: “Night market @ Luang Prabang” by Khánh Hmoong
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Food and Development Go Hand in Hand
Photo: “ Africa’s economy rebounds strongly, but jobs remain elusive” by Africa Renewal
2004 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Good Reason for Optimism
Photo: “Visit to Greenhouse Youth Group with Grand plans” by Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “The narrative of development has changed”
Photo: “Tedious farming” by Aakash Gautam
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Message from Federal Minister Müller
Photo: “Jirapa Village (Ghana)” by Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

Educated Eating

+ Resist the "Snack Attack"
Photo: “Snacks!” by Sara B.
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “The Vibrant New Sciences of Biodiversity”
Photo: “Little Sprouts are Sprouting” by Clint Mickel
2015 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Favouring Bricks over Brains
Photo: “Back from Africa” by Brian Wolfe
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0))

+ Caught Between Hunger and Obesity
Photo: “kids” by baraaka
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)


+ The Quantified Self - Ubiquitous Control
Photo: “Jogger” by Andreas Levers
2009 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Delicious Bytes
Photos: various Blogger

+ The Anti-Restaurants
Photo: “Welcome Home” by Jeremy Brooks
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ The Future Protein?
Photo: © Entofood


+ Lima’s New Cuisine
Photo: © Barbara Petzold Horna

+ A Hipster’s Hype, a Smallholder’s Reality
Photo: “FAOALC” by _BOL0037
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?
Photo: “Bananas in Salta” by Tobias Mayr
2015 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Preserving Our Land
Photos: © Oscar Mañón Vázquez

+ Land, Protest and Tenure Security
Photo: “Acampamento MST • Pirapora (MG) • 10/08/2013” by Ninja Midia
2013 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Smallholder Farmers under Threat?
Photo: “2DU Kenya 77” by CIAT
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

In the Field

+ Connecting Farmers
Photo: „Kenya - Kabaune village (Giaki)“ by Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Living Soil - the Basis for Life
Photo:„emerging corn_bradford_0019“ by Kyle Spradley
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Creating a Water Shortage
Photo: „Strong drought“ by Hudsön
2009 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Up-cycling our Food
Photo: “Outta Oranges” by orkmedix
2015 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Egypt´s Green Valley
Photo: „Ezbet Abu Qarn“ by Manal ElShahat
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

At the Table

+ Food Security versus Food Sovereignty?
Photo: „Floating Market |||“ by Fran
2013 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ A new generation is emerging
Photo: „Investing in Africa´s farms - and it´s future“ by Africa Renewal
2006 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Black Gold ?
Photo: „When the Time is Right“ by Thomas Hawk
2000 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Food injustice on our plates
Photo: “Coke Delivery” by Rod Waddington
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

Issue #15 - Responsibility (July 2015)


+ Editorial
Photo: “The Typical Indian Middle Class Family” by Shubhojit Ghose
2013 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Message of Minister Müller
Photo: Zakir Hossain Chowdhury (Getty Images)

Individual Responsibility

+ CSR: How far should it go?
Ezra Bailey (Getty Images)

+ Better Brands, Better Production?
Photo: “Wardobe” by peddhapati
2013 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Leaving the niche
Photo: VAUDE

+ Baladini – Slow Food for Everyone
Photo: “Pasta with figs, radicchio and chick peas” by Keith McDuffee
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Who got shooters?
Photo: Scott Olson (Getty Images)

+ Who Is The Social Entrepreneur?
Photo: “Doc Martens und Club Mate” by Liz Lux
2015 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Taking A Stand Against Pollution
Photo: Copyright Mirjam Leuze

Common Responsibility

+ The Real Costs of Cheap Food
Photo: “Footprints In The Mud” by Stuart Herbert
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Making A Plan And Sticking To It
Photo: “Paulownia” by Jan Alonzo
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ “A friendly Tsunami”
Photo: “Paulownia” by Jan Alonzo
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Churchill’s Nightmare
Photo: “Rolling Rebellion Sparks in Seattle to Defend Internet & Stop the TPP” by Backbone Campaign
2015 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ A Call for Guidelines
Photo: “Trade” by Hadi
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Big Data, Big Development?
Photo: “NO CHAOS” by Daniela Hartmann
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

Responsibility for the Past

+ Facing the Horror - The effect of trauma in Northern Iraqi society
Photo: Matt Cardy (Getty Images)

+ A History Of Responsibilities
Photo: “Conscience” by Jackie.lck
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Prescribed Reconciliation
Photos: Gerd Hankel

+ Basta Ya – Enough Already!
Photo: “Juanchaco, Colombia” by Rafcha
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Remembering how they lived
Photos: Lena Wendt

Responsibility for the Future

+ With A Smartphone Through Africa
Photo: Ampion

+ “It Is Good To Be A Banker”
Photo: Bloomberg (Getty Images)

+ Reconstructing Responsibility
Photo: NOORULLAH SHIRZADA (Getty Images)

+ A Proposal from Hiroshima
Photo: “Korean Missiles” by Daniel Foster
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

Issue #14 - Movement (March 2015)


+ Startpage, Page Introduction, Page Editorial
Photo: “Movement in the street” by Søren Rajczyk
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Remittances: Helpful for development?
Photo: © iStock.com/jcarillet

+ “Society is always divided”
"Office buildings with glass staircase in manhattan." Photo by Sebastian-Julian (getty images)

Moving People

+ One Click Away
Photo: “Long Distance” by Amanda Urquiza
2009 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Exclusion Through Citizenship
Photo: ©iStock.com/Alexander Gatsenko

+ Your Voice at the Border
Photo: “Challenges to Refugee Protection in Ecuador” by Realizing Rights Blog
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Displaced In Their Own Country
Photo “Refugee Camp Baharka” by Alberto Huga Rojas (flickr)
2006 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ A 21st-Century Childhood
Photo “The future looks bleak” by Leonard J. Matthews (flickr)
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ On the mobility of Roma
Photo: “Zoll” by Michael
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Dams - Development or Delusion?
Photo: “six months ago | three gorges dam” by rosava
2008 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ The Real Digital Nomads
Photos: Copyright Petra Dilthey, up4change

Moving Pictures

+ Cultural Encyclopaedia
Photo: Copyright Zohra Opok

+ Refugee Portraits
Photo: Copyright Martin Gommel

+ Overcoming victimhood
Photo by Melanie Hamman-Doucakis

Moving Masses

+ Is China Going Green?
Photo “3M” by Mark Heath (flickr)
2014 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Can Movements Govern?
Photo: “Reunión con Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador CONAIE.” by Presidencia de la Repúblic
2009 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ The Globalisation of the Naked Protest
Photo: Wikipedia Commons "World Naked Bike Ride in London on The Mall, June 2013"
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

+ Social Mobilisation 2.0?
Photo: “Canary Wharf Flashmob - 8” by Jasn
2009 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

Moving Cities

+ 21 Years Later
Photo: “Taxis” by Tinou Bao
2007 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Internal migration and urbanization in Bangladesh
Photo: “A farmer walks through a crop of wheat planted with a two-wheel tractor using conservation agriculture principles” by Conor Ashleigh
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

Moving Thoughts

+ Retired, But Not Tired
Photo: Copyright Senior Expert Service

+ End of Growth: Panic or Salvation?
Photo: “Begging for the photographer” by Pedro Ribeiro Simões
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Interview Rethinking Economics
Photo: “What” by Véronique Debord-Lazaro
2010 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ A Soundtrack for Latin America?
Photo: “Mexican institute of sound” by Pascale Cholette
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

Issue #13 - Post-2015 (November 2014)


+ Startpage, Page Introduction, Page Editorial
Photo: “Ready to Fly” by Meena Kadri
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (2.0)

+ 2015 – The World At A Crossroads
Photo: “Hillcrest-School_Nigeria_2005_Elizabeth-Macintosh” by SIM USA
2004 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)


+ Bring 'The' Economy To The Community
Photo: “After Christmas sale” by Kevin Dooley
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Book Review: Expulsions
Photo: “Wall Street” by Emmanuel Huybrechts
2008 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Commons, Crises, And Tragedies
Photo: “patience” by Joel Bombardier
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ The Dystopian Turn
Photo: “Breaking the silence” by Isengardt
2012 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)


+ The Big Bone Of Partnerships
Photo: Copyright GIZ

+ The Emergence Of New Donors
Photo: “Malaysia Engraved” by Aran Chandran
2007 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (2.0)


+ India: How To Manage Inclusion
Photo: “NP India burning 29” by CIAT
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Voices: WorldWeWant & Friends
Photo: Copyright GIZ

+ Seen But Not Heard
Photo: “Water Pollution with Trash Disposal of Waste at the Garbage Beach” by epSos.de
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Towards The Good Life?
Photo: “VIII Marcha por el TIPNIS. Autor. RAraoz” by MarielleClaudia
2011 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (2.0)


+ Where Are The Sexual Rights?
Photo: “IMGP0326.jpg” by Richard Borbridge
2013 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Do We Need Universal Health Care?
Photo: Copyright GIZ

+ Disrupt Climate Change
Photo: “DRY” by DraconianRain
2007 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)


+ "Sustainability Does Not Cost More"
Photo: Leyla Acaroglu

+ Cambodia: How Data Lowers Poverty
Photo: “Cambodia - Working in the rice paddies” by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
2009 - licenced under Creative Commons Attribution (2.0)

+ Nigeria: Wonder Banks Debunked
Photo: Movie Series E-Go Better

Issue #12 - Power (October 2013)

+ Startpage, Page  Introduction, Page Editorial
Photo: Bauer h2. © flickr / Wolfgang Vullhorst


+ Interview: Participatory Budgeting
Photo: 2007 Beyond Broadcast 059.jpg. © flickr / David Tames

+ Can’t We Do Something to be More Useful?
Photo: puzzle pieces. © flickr / velkr0

+ Peru: The Power of Citizens
Photo: Francisco Pizarro statue in Trujillo. © Getty Images / Photo by cuellar

+ Interview: From the Transparent Citizen to the Transparent State
Photo: Soft transparent men caring for children. © flickr / Wonderlane

+ Environmental Activists Take Back the Power
Photo: © flickr / Rainbow Traveler Las Vegas


+ The Loneliness of Power
Photo: man in a skyscraper. © Getty Images / Nikada

+ Power Games in International Development Policy
Photo: Chess king queen love battle. © Getty Images / Sherif A. Wagih

+ Power and Inequality in Malaysia
Photo: 1Malaysia. © flickr / al-jubey

+ More Top-Down Participation, Please!
Photo: office buildings with glass staircase in manhattan. © Getty Images / Sebastian-Julian

+ Open Contracting: Walking the Talk
Photo: The downtown skyline of Abuja © flickr / Patrick Smith


+ Social Commerce Tightens China's Grip on the Internet
Photo: Sina Weibo is a Twitter-like service in China © flickr / jonrussell

+ Interview: Fairphone - Changing Business Ethics
Photo: Washing the copper ore © flickr / Fairphone

+ A Deeper Look: Women's Economic Empowerment through Microfinance
Photo: Selling cowpea in "congos". © flickr / International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

+ Bangladesh: Business Women and Farm Managers
Photo: Waiting for her husband. © Getty Images / Shahnewaz Karim/Kontributor

+ A Women’s World: Virtual Offices and Gender Gyms
Photo: Learning is fun. © flickr / Ross Pollack

+ Africa’s Young Population: Will it Help Africa Take off?
Photo: DDR CLIPs for Training of Darfuri Youth. © flickr / UNAMID

+ Interview: Lobbyism
Photosource: Pixabay


+ Chad: Oil for Arms
Photo: Rigged of Seapoint. © flickr / Jim Sher

+ Pakistan: Time to Tame a Powerful Spy Agency?
Photo: HAL in disguise. © flickr / Herr Olsen

+ Colombia: The Most Destructive Weapon
Photo: Colombia: The most destructive weapo. © Gloria Ortega Pérez

+ Army, Brotherhood, and Liberals
Photo: thugs. © flickr / Ahmad Hammoud

+ Mali: Insecurity Hotspot in the Sahel
Photo: Mentao refugee camp in Burkina Faso. © flickr / Oxfam International

+ Interpol: Fighting Cross-Border Crime
Photo: interpol. © flickr / Osamu Furusawa


+ Drug War in Mexico: A Bounty on Bloggers
Photo: Drug war in Mexico: A bounty on bloggers © Sonja Peteranderl

+ Interview: The Post-Cypherpunk Era – Cryptology for Everyone
Photo: Get Down Get Encrypted © flickr / Kenneth Freeman

+ Technology in Africa: Set to Change the World
Photo: Digital tablet on rock © Getty Images / Eric Audras

+ Cyberwar: More Dangerous than Terrorism
Photo: Fingerprint on screen in forensic lab © Getty Images / Monty Rakusen

+ Afghanistan: Politics, Religion and the Media
Photo: Afghanistan: politics, religion and the media © BBC Media Action

Issue #11 - Youth (May 2013)

+ Startpage, Page Introduction, Page Editorial
Photo: Multi ethnic friends having fun at the beach © Getty Images / Johnnyhetfield
+ Startpage, Page An Armchair hits the road
Photo: Empty armchair in front of small house © Sientate
+ Startpage, Page Fighting Intolerance
Photo: Woman standing behind plants at field © Getty Images / Helena Wahlman
+ Startpage, Page Closing the Gap With Sport
Photo: Young Footballer checking his shoes © GIZ / Winterfeld
+ Page Fire Fighters and Other Heros
Photo: German president Gauck listening to young woman © capito/carstens
+ Page Innovative Reporting
Photo: Two children playing on ground © Carlo Zamora / journalism grants
+ Page Base Camp
Photo: Graphic of trailer camp © Basecamp
+ Page "The Definition of Adulthood is Changing"
Photo: View on the roofs of a barrio popular in Latin America © Restless Collective / McCarthy/Winslow
+ Page Lifestyle, Page Tell Me About Your Life
Photo: Posters on a concrete wall in palestine © Eva-Maria Verfürth
+ Page Hotel Mama
Photo: Graphic „Hotel Mama" © Thomas Siepmann / www.pixelio.de
+ Page Juba Youth
Three young men sitting and smoking © Alex Taban
+ Page Taking the Pulse of Youth Culture
Photo: Young people with "volunteer"-tshirts © Deutsche Welle
+ Page Youth in China
Photo: People on crosswalk in Hongkong © Getty Images / Maremagnum
+ Page Living the Dream
Photo: Portrait Roxanne © Roxanne de Bastion
+ Page Creativity, Page An Armchair hits the road
Photo: Empty armchair in front of small house © Sientate
+ Page
Photo: © Julia Jaroschewski
+ Page Magic Can Happen
Photo: Hip Hop Concert © Nomadicwax
+ Page Boards That Mean the World
Photo: Boy on skateboard © Skateistan
+ Page
+ Page Skills and Education for Bali's Youth
Photo: Young women in class room © Bali Wise
+ Page Education & Employment, Page Africa's Tech Potential
Photos: African superhero Ananse graphic © LETI Entertainment
+ Page Fighting Intolerance
Photo: Woman standing behind plants at field © Getty Images / Helena Wahlman
+ Page Closing the Gap With Sport
Photo: Young Footballer checking his shoes © GIZ / Winterfeld
+ Page The Rockstars of Business
Photo: Businessman at the laptop © Getty Images / lightkey
+ Page Frontiers, Fringes and Farmification
Photo: People sitting on the ground vis-a-vis modern buildings © Lisa Ma
+ Page Child Soldiers – Reintegrating Boys and Girls
Photo: Children at a shelter in Uganda at night © Getty Images / Per-Anders Pettersson
+ Page Reaching out to the lost girls
Photo: Uganda: Girl looks out of a window in a shelter © Getty Images / Per-Anders Pettersson
+ Page Alma – A Tale of Violence
Photo: Portrait of young woman Alma © ARTE TV
+ Page Conflict, Page Drug Policy in Latin America
Photo: Young woman behind prison bars © Getty Images / Joel Carillet
+ Page Girls Not Brides
Photo: Childs marriage in India © Associated Press / Prakash Hatvalne
+ Page
+ Page World We Want!
Photo: Young participants of World we Want © GIZ / Thomas Ecke
+ Page Youth in Africa
Photo: People on conference break © GIZ / Thomas Ecke
+ Page Re:publica 2013
+ Page Global Media Forum: The Future of Growth
Photo: Logo of global media forum © Deutsche Welle

Issue #10 - Hunger (February 2013)

+ Startpage, Page Food and Nutrition Security
Photo: Eritrea, three teenage girls walking on road © Mike Goldwater / Getty Images
+ Startpage, Page Sustainable Fishing Helps...
Photo: Fishermen carrying fishing catch in basket , Back Bay © Oliver Strewe / Getty Images
+ Startpage
Photo: Degraded Forest in Kazakhstan © Michael Martin
+ Startpage, Page Interview: “We Don’t Need This Kind of Capital Investment”
Photo: African Girl Eating a Meal in the Orphanage © ranplett / Getty Images
+ Page Welcome World! Getting Ready for re:publica 2013
Photo: Logo re:publica 2013
+ Page Introduction, Page Editorial
Photo: A child from southern Somalia gestures as wears a pot on his head © ddp images
+ Page Strengthening Agriculture – Fighting Hunger
Photo: Nigerien farmers digging a rainwater trench © AFP/Getty Images
+ Page Cracking Down on Speculation
Photo: Protesters creating a crime scene to protest against the deathtoll of undernutrition © Sipa / ddp images
+ Page ...for Justice, Page Small Farmers’ Potential
Photo: Ethiopian Famine Worker © Doug Menuez / Getty Images
+ Page One Billion Hungry – Can We Feed the World?
Photo: Thin legs in Sudan © Harry Hook / Getty Images
+ Page Interview: “We Need a New Planetary Civil Society!”
Photo: Children in the Somali countryside thin from a lack of food © Wesley Bocxe / Getty Images
+ Page Half Empty - The Food Crisis in America
Photos: Artwork: Half empty (cc) Alfred Twu
+ Page Water and Food Security
Photo: NY gas drilling opposition protesting © Mike Groll / ddp images
+ Page Only What is Known Can be Governed
Photo: Farmland under dark clouds © Eva-Maria Verfürth
+ Page ...for Resources, Page A Global Thirst
Photo: Eritrea, two women carrying water containers on backs © Mike Goldwater/Kontributor / GettyImages
+ Page The Lost Soils
Photo: Dusty wasteland in mauretania © Michael Martin
Photo gallery: All photos © Michael Martin
+ Page The New Farm Owners
Photos: Farmer at sugarcane harvest in Egypt © David Degner/Kontributor / Getty Images
+ Page ...for Alternatives, Page Mushboo: Homegrown Gourmet Fungi
Photo: Homegrown mushroom, city skyline in background © Mushboo
+ Page Over the Roofs of Cairo
Photo: Rooftop garden, plant pots lettuce © 2011 Jessica Solomatenko / GettyImages
+ Page Greenhouses in the Backyard
Photo: Women stand next to vegetables grown in sack gardens at a compound in Nairobi © Tony Karumba / AFP/Getty Images
+ Page Schaduf Spreading Edible Green Roofs in Egypt
Photo: Sherif Hosny with strawberry plant © Schaduf
+ Page ...for Responsibility, Page Stop Wasting Food
Photo / gallery: Artwork: Stop wasting food © Selina Juul
+ Page Fresh in the Trash
Photo: Pile of rotting fruit and vegetables near water © James Arnold / Getty Images
+ Page Ripe for the Bin
Photo: Overfull litterbins on a desert parking lot, Sweden © Jan Tove / GettyImages

Issue #09 - Prejudice (November 2012)

+ Startpage, Page Introduction/Editorial
Photo: Running Sheep during Round-Up on Sheep Station in South Australia © ddp images / United Archives
+ Startpage, Page Interview: "I Try to Break the Taboos"
Photo: woman dressed in Arab costume, rusty wall in the background © ddp images
+ Startpage, Page Prejudice - Fundamentally Human?
Photo: Entrance Slave Cemetery © getty images / Luc Novovitch
+ Startpage, Page 20 Years After the Bosnian Conflict
Photo: View of town with sign "don't forget", Bosnia © Getty Images / Matt Carr
+ Page Event
Photo: Logo "Securing food. harvesting the future." © GIZ
Photo gallery: all photos by Thomas Ecke © GIZ
+ Page Wonderful Curls
Photo: Five women with curled hair © www.krauselocke.de
+ Page People, Page Not 'Progress' But Prejudice
Photo 1: Mursi woman outside her house in the Omo valley, Ethiopia © Survival
Photo 2: Jarawa girls in clothes given to them by outsiders © Survival
+ Page The Dangerous Others
Photo: South Africa, Tokoza, silhouette of child against flames © getty images / Andy Hall
+ Page Interview: "A Message Of Freedom"
Photo: Palestinian women playing soccer © Aamjad Al Herbawi
Photo Gallery A Message of Freedom: © Aamjad Al Herbawi
+ Page Make Love, Not Porn!
Photo: screenshot website "make love not porn" © Make Love, Not Porn
+ Page Business, Page Social and Sexy?
Photo: Female fashion model © Andrea Kolb
Photos of Photo Gallery Social and Sexy: © Andrea Kolb
+ Page On the Catwalk
Photo: Models on the Catwalk © Isabelle Quéhé
Photos of Photo Gallery Fair Fashion on the Catwalk: Isabelle Quéhé
+ Page Are Big Firms Always Bad?
Photo: Haute Couture fashion show © ddp images/AP Photo/Louis Lanzano
+ Page A Triple Win is Possible
Photo: Black birds flying under the moon © getty images / Win Initiative
+ Page It's Just a Fad!
Photo: 'Open' sign hanging in store window © getty images / Michael Cogliantry
+ Page African Innovation, Page New Stereotypes - Mobile Africa
Photo: Woman Using Cell Phone, Tanzania © Getty Images / Strauss/Curtis
+ Page Technology Hubs In Africa
Photos: ice-addis-hub container © ice-ethiopia.org
+ Page Disconnected Ethiopian Netizens
Photo: Metal type spelling blog © Getty Images / Bill Truslow
+ Page Gorilla-Chasing Bees
Photo: Bumblebee on pink yarrow © getty images / Kathy Collins
+ Page Conflict, Page Cyprus – Prejudice and Bias Prevent Reunification
Photo: A father with his son walking on a cemetery © ddp images/AP/Petros Karadjias
+ Page Iran – Nuclear Conflict: Prejudices, Myths, Facts
Photo: Women in chadors walking along Zayandeh River at evening © getty images / Richard Ross
+ Page Is Anyone Listening?
Photo on top: We want them. We want them all. We want the detainees. You can arrest me, torture me, burn me... I will say nothing but... Freedom (Young Syrian revolutionaries from Rukn Eddin, 09/09/2012)
Graphics: Drawing on the Assad-Putin alliance (kefranbell.coom, 2012)
+ Page Art as a Weapon
Photo: Writing on a wall: R-love-ution © syrianrevolution.org
Graphic 1: Cartoons by Ali Ferzat
Graphic 2+3: Graphics by Wissam Al Jazairy
+ Page "All You Need is Love – Peace in the Middle East?"
Photo on top: not ready to die in your war © www.facebook.com/israellovesiran
Photos below: © www.facebook.com/israellovesiran
Photo gallery Israel loves Iran: © www.facebook.com/israellovesiran
+ Page Breaking the Silence
Photo: An Israeli army conscript relaxes on a swing near to his unit's tanks © Getty Images / David Silverman

Issue #08 - Sport (August 2012)

+ Startpage, Page Editorial
Children playing basketball © Getty Images/Franck Guiziou
+ Page Campaigning, Page Interview: "They simply won't shift"
An empty Olympic swimming pool sits under the clouds in Holgiun, Cuba © Getty Images/Chris Milliman
+ Page Culture, Page Best Sports Players Can Become Cultural Icons
A giant sport advertising recovering a building © AFP/Getty Images/Joel Saget
+ Page Health, Page Playing Footbal to Beat the Epidemic
Box-Champion Vitali Klitschko greeting children in Ukraine © GIZ/Jörn Leonhardt
+ Page Youth, Page Interview: Skateistan - "A Taste of Freedom"
Skater in an afghan city © Skateistan
+ Page Elegantly fashionable with a clean conscience – it can be done!
Women speaking at the Global Media Forum 2012 © GIZ
+ Page "Short and sweet just doesn't cut it!"
"Tatort"-Actors Bausch, Behrendt and Bär with father Shay Cullen (PREDA) © Tatort - Straßen der Welt e.V.
+ Page Development Through Sport
Silhouettes of boys running on a dusty soccer pitch at sunset © Getty Images/Timothy Allen
+ Page Interview: "Is Sport Political?"
Activists from Amnesty International demonstrating for human rights © Getty Images/Alfredo Estrella
+ Page "Anything Goes, As Long As the Story Requires It"
Bollywood actor Nehia Dhupia performing dance at a ceremony © Getty Images/Hindustan Times
+ Page The Point of Sport
A baseball fan holds a drawing of guerrilla leader Ernesto 'Che' Guevara © AFP/Getty Images/Carlos Batista
+ Page Interview: "The Magic Pill?"
Deaf youth compete in a race in Vavuniya © Handicap International
+ Page Interview: Basketball For Development
Black youth playing basketball with a white adult © basketball for development
+ Page Events, Page Interview: "We have to channel the football fans' energy"
Fans at game Czech Republic vs Poland, Euro 2012 © Getty Images/Jamie McDonald
+ Page Host Citiy Come Together
Young black people with stadium and city skyline in background © SKEW/Engagement Global
+ Page Sports as Conflict Prevention
Young sri lankans playing football on the beach © ddp
+ Page Protesting the Games
PlayFair Medal Awards Protest © Jill Timms

Issue #07 - Transition (April 2012)

+ Startpage, Page Editorial
Photo: Policemen and queer person in front of university © ecuador GIZ / Oliver Hölcke
+ Page State, Page Myanmar: The Next Economic Frontier in Asia
Photo: Myanmar pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi receives flowers from supporters © ddp images/AP Photo/Khin Maung Win
+ Page Media, Page Revolution is Good for Business
Photo: Cairo: Man looking at newspapers © Getty Images / Kim Badawi Images
+ Page City
Photo: Coloured townhouses in Vietnam © GIZ / Pham Hung Son
+ Page Society, Page As Our Actions Transform Nature, We Begin to Transform Our Actions
Photo: Bolivian farmer at a watering place © GIZ / Samuel Goda
+ Page Development
Photo: Ethiopian trainee in metal work © GIZ / Michael Tsegaye
+ Page Frenetic Standstill, Startpage
Photo: Street scene in Istanbul's "flowers passage" © ddp images
+ Page Where the secret service is still called the KGB
Photo:Building with dark windows © Luna Bolívar Manaut
+ Page On the Eve of Putin's Third Term
Photo: Supporters of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin rally in Moskau © ddp images/AP/Sergei Grits
+ Page The Long Path to a Civil Society - The Example of Russia, Startpage
Photo: A supporter of a female Russian punk band holds a photo of one of the band and reading "Freedom" © ddp images/AP/Ivan Sekretarev
+ Page "Allah, the Army and America" – The Rise of Religious Extremism in Pakistan
Photos: Rally of supporters of a Pakistani religious group Tanzeem-e-Islami © ddp images/AP/Fareed Khan
+ Page Southeast Asia: A Laboratory for Transformation Research
Photo: Myanmar soldiers at military parade © ddp images/AP/David Longstreath
+ Page Indonesia's 'Big Bang' Transformation
Photo: Street Scene in Indonesia © GIZ / Dirk Ostermeier
+ Page Lost in Transition
Photo: Mongolian countrymen with tv satellite dish © GIZ / Ralph Trosse
+ Page Bangladesh: The power of Media For Inclusive Growth
Photo: Person reading newspaper in front of temple entrance © GIZ / Manfred Wehrmann
+ Page Interview: Skype School
Photo: Screenshot of website skype school with portraits of teachers © www.glovico.org
+ Page Urban Anthologies
Photo: Worker on Construction Site © GIZ / Jens Neuhaus
+ Page Interview: "I wish we had less money to spend"
Photo: Las Vegas suburbs © Angel Jiménez de Luis
+ Page The Story of Medellín
Photo: Escalators at Comuna 13 neighborhood in Medellín, Colombia © Raul Arboleda/AFP/Getty Images
+ Page The Past is Not Forgotten
Photo: Victim's face on movie poster of "la isla" © ohne gepäck filmproduktion / ISKA
+ Page The Israeli Summer: An Impressive Protest, But Not a Revolution
Photo: Israeli demonstrators shout slogans © AFP/Getty Images / Menahem Kanaha
+ Page Interview: Inside ICC
Photo: ICC-Building © ddp images/AP/Peter Dejong
+ Page "Development Aid is Not All Plain Sailing"
Photo: Ghanaian women at the vegetable market © GIZ / Folke Kayser
+ Page Aid effectiveness: What for?
Photo: Woman with mouthpiece holding seedlings © GIZ / Bärbel Högner

Issue #06 - Innovation (Dezember 2011)

+ Startpage, Page Business/Book Review: The Necessary Revolution
Photo: An artists comment on climate change: Melting ice-figures © ddp images/Michael Gottschalk
+ Page Editorial
Photo: A curtain with writing 'The Future?' on it © GIZ/Christian Ditsch
+ Page Science & Technology, Page The Value of Information, Startpage
Photo: Indian woman with mobile phone © SEWA
+ Page Climate, Page Rethinking environmental protection
Photo: Iraqi men remove pieces of cracked dry earth © Essam Al-Sudani/AFP/Getty Images
+ Page Transparency, Page Open Data: A New Information Paradigm
Photo: Participants at a "Hackathon" in 2011 © Araya Diaz/Getty Images
+ Page Health, Page Deaf people help each other
Photo: Two young brazilians working on circuit boards © SolarEar
+ Page Social Entrepreneurs
Photo: Word 'vision' written in a dictionary © ddp images
+ Page Empowering Communities
Photo: Tango club owner in front of building © Kelly Ryerson/Getty Images
+ Page Stopping the "Brain Drain"
Photo: Street scene next to a sign "techno park" in India © EyesWideOpen/Getty Images
+ Page Mobilizing Global Volunteers for Grassroots Innovations
Photo: Indian innovator riding his cycle boat on a lake © Ajit Solanki/ddp images/AP
+ Page CuveWaters, Startpage
Photo: Sandy beach under dark clouds © ddp images
+ Page The Floating Gardens
Photos: Woman working in a floating garden, People working in a floating garden © Practical Action
+ Page Governments and Businesses Attempt to Build a New, More Accurate Economy
Photo: A factory skyline with smoke emissions © ddp images
+ Page Africa Has the Best Forestry Laws
Photo: Forest river in Kongo © ddp images
+ Page We are All Journalists
Photo: Hand with "Victory"-sign holding a mobile phone © ddp images/AP/Lefteris Pitarakis
+ Page Reinventing Money, Startpage
Photo: Road sign pointing to "South Africa" © ddp image
+ Page A Toilet for the Most Vulnerable
Photo: A black kid presenting a peepoo-bag © Peepoople
+ Page Interview: Software that 'makes you healthy'
Photo: Two eggs and a smart phone © ddp images/dapd/Lukas Barth
+ Page Minds for Change
All Photos: Conference Impressions © GIZ/Christian Ditsch

Issue #05 - Securing Peace (September 2011)

+ Startpage, Page Introduction: The Complex...
Photo: Sri Lankan soldier at a mine clearing operation © getty images/AFP/Ishara S. Kodikara
+ Page Introduction, Page Editorial
Photo: German ISAF soldier standing on a bridge in Afghanistan © ddp images/dapd Basisdienst
+ Page Fragile States, Page Development and Security
Photo: A group of Somali workers sit on food aid © getty images/AFP/Roberto Schmidt
+ Page Crime, Page Central American Youth Gangs
Photo: Two men of Mara Salvatrucha showing their tatooed backs © getty images/AFP/Elmer Martinez
+ Page Ecological Security, Page Climate Change – a Security Issue?
Photo: Camels in front of a ship wreck on dry Aral Sea © getty images/The Washington Post
+ Page Future Wars, Page The Militarization of Space
Photo: Space shuttle and international space station © getty images/NASA/SPL
+ Page International Security, Page NATO's Neverending Challenge: Securing Peace
Photo: AWACS aircraft standing on an airport in Afghanistan © ddp images/dapd
+ Page Engaging Armed Groups in Development Cooperation
Photo: Guns raised by members of a militia in Pakistan © ddp images/AP/Muhammed Muheisen
+ Page Who are the 'Development Actors'?
Photo: Security guard standing on a hill above afghan village © iStockPhoto/Mie Ahmt
+ Page Sudan – Avoiding a New Crisis
Photo: Women in South Sudan in a car, showing victory sign © getty images/Spencer Platt
+ Page Pakistan's Islamists on the Rise
Photo: People gathering around burning oil tankers in Pakistan © ddp images/Hassan/Xinhua/Sipa Press
+ Page Attacks on Women in Sri Lanka
Photos: Sri Lankan soldiers patrolling the streets © Laura Cwiertnia
+ Page An X-ray of Mexican Organized Crime
Photo: Silhouetted police look down on Bogota, Colombia © iStockPhoto/Joel Carillet
+ Page Drug Trafficking: "The whole system has been infiltrated"
Photo: A peasant works in a poppy field © ddp images/AP/Fernando Vergara
+ Page Interview: Drugs in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Photo: Young mara member getting arrested by armed police © getty images/AFP/Orlando Sierra
+ Page Human Trafficking: A High-Profit, Low-Risk Crime
Photo: Somali refugee standing in front of a fence © getty images/AFP/Tony Karumba
+ Page Interview: Human Trafficking - Slavery Is not a Term of the Past
Photo: Migrant workers gather for a rally in London © ddp images/AP/Lefteris Pitarakis
+ Page A Pirate's Paradise, Startpage
Photo: Pirate with gun sitting on the shore © getty images/AFP
+ Page Nicaragua: Guerilleras Becoming Policewomen
Photo: Nicaraguan female police officers standing in a row © getty images/AFP/Elmer Martinez
+ Page Ecosystem Stewardship
Photo: Shack standing amidst destroyed rainforest © iStockPhoto/Brasil2
+ Page The Role of Earth Observation Technology
Photo: Spacestation Mir over Earth © getty images/NASA
+ Page Emerging Security Challenges and Cyber Terrorism
Photo: Internet links shown on a computer screen © ddp images/dapd/Michael Gottschalk
+ Page Cyberconflict and Hacktivism in a Contemporary Context
Photo: Graphical element of a computer screen © ddp images
+ Page Libya: Stress Test for the Responsibility to Protect?
Photo: Explosion caused by bombings at night in Tripoli, Libya © ddp images/Hamza Turkia/Xinhua/Sipa Press
+ Page The fear of suitcase bombs
Photo: Loading air freight from platform to the aircraft © ddp images

Issue #04 - Media (June 2011)

+ Startpage, Page Editorial
Photo: Afghan man reading a newspaper © ddp images/dapd/Michael Kappeler
+ Page Introduction
Photo: Black woman holding cellphone © iStockphoto/Cliff Parnell
+ Page Political Opposition, Page Interview: From Prison to Exile
Photo: Graffitti "freedom of speech" © iStockphoto/Joseph C. Justice Jr.
+ Page Democratisation, Page Leaks and WikiLeaks
Photo: People walking behind razor wire © ddp images/dapd/Sebastian Widmann
+ Page Women's empowerment, Page Voices for a Dignified Life
Photo: Circular kites in Guatemala © iStockphoto/Stacy Able
+ Page Economic Development, Page Interview: "Drying Tomatoes On (the) Air"
Photo: Man standing in beach hut © gettyimages/Jo Metson Scott
+ Page Education, Page Role of Mass Media in Enhancing Education in Bangladesh
Photo: Female volunteer teacher in Bangladesh © gettyimages/Karen Kasmauski
+ Page Disaster relief, Page Disaster reporting
Photo: Hurricane storm evacuation route sign © iStockphptp/choicegraphx
+ Page Global Media Forum
Photo: Logo Media Forum © www.dw-world.de
+ Page Victory By Facebook?
Photo: Drawing of key elelements in the egyptian uprising © Anna-Lena Schiller
+ Page Social Media in the Revolution
Photo: Man holding a cat and a writing "No Mubarak" © ddp images/dapd/Axel Schmidt
+ Page Iran: from Revolt on the Streets to Resistance on the Net
Photo: Iranian woman with cellphone © iStockphoto/Tanuki Photography
+ Page Interview: A Vote-o-Matic for Tunisia
Photo: Traffic signs pointing in different directions © gettyimages/Flickr/Alliandde
+ Page Social Media and Democratisation in Africa
Photos: Street with mobile phone ads in africa © Geraldine de Bastion
Illustration: The world map of social networks © http://en.rian.ru/infographics/20110228/162792394.html
+ Page Think global, broadcast local
Photos: Community radio journalist sitting on pick-up © www.icfj.org
+ Page CineCita, Startpage
Photo: Young woman with microphone © Nadja Buelow
+ Page Photo Gallery CineCita
All Photos: © Nadja Buelow
+ Page The Influence of Afghan Media
Photo: Two women, one wearing burqa © gettyimages/Jochem D. Wijnands
+ Page Media's Capacity for Safeguarding Economic Reforms
Photo:Indonesian worker on construction site © ddp images/AP/ED WRAY
+ Page Kenyan Soap Opera
Photos: Screenshots of Makutano Junction website © www.makutanojunction.org.uk
+ Page Learning on the Move
Photo: Elder woman working with notebook © Fotolia
+ Page Learning on the Move
Photo: iPhone showing giz-menue © Foto&Style/foto-style.de
+ Page Help Is Coming via Twitter
Photo: Houses hit by earthquake © iStockphoto/Claudia Dewald
+ Page Crisis Management
Photo: Fire in dry marsh © iStockphoto/tunart

Issue #03 - International Cooperation (April 2011)

+ Startpage, Page New Donor China
Photo: Chinese paper dragon in modern city © getty/amana images, DAJ
+ Page Introduction, Page Editorial
Photo: Red balloon signed with "take action" © Durukan/UN-Millenniumkampagne
+ Page International Cooperation, Page Global Governance: Rationale – Hurdles - Perspectives
Photo: Flags of nations © gettyimages/Flickr, Gary Jones
+ Page Finance, Page Financing development: Feasible paths through the mine field
Photo: South African currency © gettyimages/Brand X Pictures, Antony Edwards
+ Page Aid-Effectiveness, Page Combating Corruption in Development Aid in Africa
Photo: Anti-corruption poster, Liberia, 2004 © wikimedia commons/Geneva52
+ Page Water Management, Page Privatization in water services
Photo: Girl drinking from tap in township, Cape Town © gettyimages/Gallo Images, David Malan
+ Page Introduction
Photo: Students with globe in front of blackboard © gettyimages/Image Source
+ Page Editorial
Photo: Minister Niebel © Thomas Ecke
+ Page European aid: Aspiring to the gold medal
Photo: Black sprinter, holding olympic torch © gettyimages/Riser
+ Page Green Peace?
Photo: Old man with seedlings © gettyimages/AFP, Romeo Gacad
+ Page Public development finance: old commitments – new challenges
Photo: Person's hand holding money in Zimbabwe © gettyimages/Gallo Images, Martin Harvey
+ Page The Effectiveness of Development Aid Policy Regarding Corruption
Photo: Building a hut, Ethiopia © gettyimages/Robert Harding World Imagery, Bruno Barbier
+ Page Aid, Governance and Corruption Control in Tanzania
Photo: Street life in Stone Town, part of Zanzibar City © gettyimages/Altrendo
+ Page Subverted Aid Effectiveness
Photo: Construction place of a new clinic, Ghana © gettyimages/National Geographic, Randy Olson
+ Page China's Foreign Aid – Interests, Strategies and Instruments
Photos: Chinese and african oil worker in south Sudan © gettyimages/Bloomberg
+ Page China's Development Policy Engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean
Photo: Chinese railway worker in africa © gettyimages, Per-Anders Pettersson
+ Page Water – a resource of conflict and source of cooperation
Photo: Black woman in a boat, thinking © iStockphoto, Krilt
+ PageThe Water Sector Reform in Kenya is bearing fruit
Photo: African girl outdoors in front of waterfall © gettyimages/Vetta, Joel Carillet
+ Page Water Security - Enhancing collaborative competencies to overcome water challenges
Photo: Hands of black children unter dripping tap © iStockphoto/claudiad

Issue #02 - Doing Business (December 2010)

+ Startpage, Page Introduction and Editorial
Photo: Young african woman selling fruits © Inwent gGmbH
+ Page Introduction, Article Introduction
Photo: Female entrepreneur at bottling plant © Inwent gGmbH
+ Page Corporate Social Responsibility
Photo: Man planting mangrove seedling © Inwent gGmbH
+ Page CSR and Labour Standards in Africa
Photo: Asian worker at a foundry © Inwent gGmbH
+ Page CSR and Transnational Corporations
Photo: Black fruit seller on the market © iStockphoto.com, Willie B. Thomas
+ Page Partnerships Between Companies and NGOs
Photo: Man planting mangrove seedling © Inwent gGmbH
+ Page The Relevance of CSR in sub-Saharan Africa
Photo: Black farmer looking after his grain © iStockphoto.com, Chris Schmidt
+ Page WWF-Study on Sustainable Investments
Photo: Rubber tree plantation © iStockphoto.com, enviromantic
+ Page Reintroducing ethics to economics and development theories
Photo: Man working at a solar system © Inwent gGmbH
+ Page Microfinance and Page Transparency in Microfinance
Photo: Indian woman with money in her hands © gettyimages, Bloomberg
+ Page Microfinance: Overview
Photo: Money going from one hand to another © gettyimages, Bloomberg
+ Page oikocredit (Best Practice): Empowering women, enhancing communities
Photo: Giida Namirembe, female farmer in Uganda © H. O'Conell
Photo: Margaret Nakibuule, female farmer in Uganda © H. O'Conell
+ Page The Future of PPP Microinsurance
Photo: Indian women receiving credit © gettyimages, Karen Kasmauski
Photo: Indian women receiving credit © G. Ramm
+ Page Fair Trade and Page Potential and Limits of Fair Trade
Photo: Cotton field © iStockphoto.com, Fábio Moreira Salles
+ Page Ethical Fashion – The "Moral Economy" of the 21st Century?
Photos: Porto Colonia's winter/summer collection © Porto Colonia, Matthias Drobeck (1-4, 6, 8) and Oliver Dias (5, 7)
+ Page Interview Tudo Bom Fashion from Brazil
Photo: Model presenting fashion by Tudo Bom © Tudo Bom Catalogo
+ Page Interview on Fair Trade / GEPA : Fair Coffee at the Football Game
Photo: People in a cafe © gettyimages, Bloomberg
Photo: Rainer Sakic © Rainer Sakic
+ Page Entrepreneurship
Photo: Asian saleswoman on floating market © iStockphoto.com, enviromantic
+ Page Social Entrepreneurship : The SEED Initiative
Photo: Ecological placer mining in a colombian river © Oro Verde, Kike Arnal
Photo: Two men at a grainfield © Helen Marquard
+ Page Green growth in Southeast Europe
Photo: Wind farm in Croatia © Wikipedia/CC license,Tomaž Jančar
+ Page SCWEC (Best Practice)
Photo: Women's waffle factory © Inwent gGmbH, Berthold Hoffmann
+ Page Morocco: A Young Returnee
Photos: Shoe Factory © Leny van Oyen
+ Page Rwanda: A Young Entrepreneur
Photo: Plastic waste © iStockphoto.com, Huguette Roe
+ Page Africa is Coming! (Best Practice) - Open Transfer of Knowledge
Photo: Young african woman speaking at a conference © Inwent gGmbH, Barbara Fromann
+ Page Inwent E-Academy (Best Practice)
Photo: Asian women working on a notebook © Inwent gGmbH, Christian Gmelin
Photo: Women at Inwent E-Academy © Inwent gGmbH, Christian Gmelin

Issue #01 - Biodiversity (September 2010)

+ Startpage and Editorial
Photo: African woman picking a piement fruit © Version Foto, R. Maro www.version-foto.de
+ Page Introduction
Photo: A mixed field of succulents © iStockphoto.com, Nancy Nehring
+ Page Interview on food security
Photo: Coffee farmer picking a fruit © iStockphoto.com, Randy Plett
+ Page Forests
Photo: Bamboo trunks © iStockphoto.com, Ronen Boidek
+ Page Protection of Forests
Photo: White heron flying up in the forest © Ronnie de Camino Velozo
+ Page Peat swamp forests for biodiversity and climate change
Photo: Canal in peat swamp forest © Mohammad Rayan
+ Page Protected Areas
Photo: River shore with dugout © Inwent gGmbH, Thomas Petermann
+ Page Nature conversation and sustainable development
Photo: Waterbuck in Pendjari National Park © Benno Haupt (GTZ)
Photo: Traditional timber transport © Benno Haupt (GTZ)
+ Page Indigenous People and their land
Photo: Peru: Three indigenous men © Silvana Baldovino
+ Page Patent Law
Photo: Pineapple plant with red fuit © iStockphoto, Slobo Mitic
+ Page Intellectual property rights management 
Photo: Tropical rainforest from above © Christian Ziegler, image was published in: Beyond Neutrality—Ecology Finds Its Niche. Gewin V, PLoS Biology Vol. 4/8/2006, e278 dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pbio.0040278
+ Page Property rights in India
Photo: Fields on a mountain's shoulder © Inwent gGmbH, Berthold Volberg
+ Page Indigenous peoples
Photo: Young black man planting a mangove seedling © Version Foto, R. Maro www.version-foto.de
+ Page Interview Marco Arana
Photo: Indigenous man standing on a boat amidst a tropical river © iStockphoto.com, Spanic
+ Page Economy
Photo: Farmer working on a paddy field © Inwent gGmbH, Mona Choueiri
+ Page Biodiversity as opportunity
Photo: Wooden bridge in lush forest © iStockphoto.com, Kevin Russ
+ Page Dandelion rubber
Photo: Dandelion plants © Prüfer/Schulze Gronover
+ Page Education
Photo: Two pupils writing on a blackboard © Wikipedia common license, Masae
+ Page Global Learning
Photo: A group of students at environmental education in Brazil © Wikipedia common license, G. Woehl
+ Page Education overview
Photo: White woman and black man at seminar © Inwent gGmbH
+ Page Coming issue
Photo: Black people at work in Antwerpen harbour © Inwent gGmbH

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