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Dear Reader, after seven years of inspiring discussions, „Digital Development Debates“ (DDD) has been discontinued in September 2017. DDD was created in 2010 as an innovative digital platform for the development community. With 20 ...


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A New Information Paradigm for International Development: Open Data

Open data is not a niche topic for technology enthusiasts.

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Computing Sustainability

Software that learns from sensors on garbage bins adapts to urban issues and generates solutions the human eye cannot see.

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Rwanda: A Young Entrepreneur in Plastics


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Bottom-Up Experts

Farmers know their needs best, concluded Kenny Ewan of WeFarm and created a global mobile platform for crowdsourcing agricultural information.

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Reinventing Money – A Community Exchange System

What we need to prevent financial crises is an entirely new operating system: a new exchange system.

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Living Soil – the Basis for Life

The exhibition “Soil. Sustains Life.” shows how humans depend on soil, a non-renewable resource, and why we have to manage it sustainably.

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Disaster Reporting

Disaster: reporters could do far more than merely assume the role of observers.

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The New Farm Owners

Regulation of land grabs won't help - land grab financing needs to stop.

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“Economics Education Lacks Pluralism”

Very few economists anticipated the financial crisis. A new approach is needed, argues Ingrid Rieser who filmed the movement “rethinking economics”

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A Soundtrack for Latin America

The genre cumbia is not as well-known around the world as salsa or reggaeton. Yet it is considered the more authentic music.

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A 21st-Century Childhood

Thomas Berthold discusses the situation of unaccompanied minor refugees and argues for a more coherent asylum and refugee policy.

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Tell me About Your Life

Where do you meet up with you friends? What do you dream of? How did you fall in love? Students from Bethlehem tell about their lives.

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