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Dear Reader, after seven years of inspiring discussions, „Digital Development Debates“ (DDD) has been discontinued in September 2017. DDD was created in 2010 as an innovative digital platform for the development community. With 20 ...


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A Pirate’s Paradise

Why piracy in Somalia is worthwile for it's inhabitants

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Technology in Africa: Set to Change the World

Why African tech developers might soon overtake Europe and North America.

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Book Review: Expulsions

In her latest book “Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy”, Saskia Sassen presents a serious critique of economic restructuring.

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Role of Mass Media in Enhancing Education in Bangladesh

Education is much more than going to schools, its purpose is to create awareness among people.

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Access to sport and physical activity is a fundamental right.

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The Best Athletes Can Become Cultural Icons

How the best Athletes can become cultural Icons

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Leaks and WikiLeaks: Impact on Human Rights

What has been the impact of WikiLeaks on human rights?

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Interview: Inside ICC

10 years of International Criminal Court (ICC)

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Interview: Lobbyism

Isn't there a difference between when an NGO protests to save the environment and the tobacco lobby, for instance, negotiating with politicians on behalf of their own interests?

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The Israeli Summer: An Impressive Protest, but Not a Revolution

Protests Israel: A mass movement that refuses to be political

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Introduction: The Complex Security-Development

Introduction: The Complex Security-Developement Nexus

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Dandelion Rubber

Establishing sustainable alternative soures are likely to prevent future production shortfalls.

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