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Dear Reader, after seven years of inspiring discussions, „Digital Development Debates“ (DDD) has been discontinued in September 2017. DDD was created in 2010 as an innovative digital platform for the development community. With 20 ...


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Interview: The Post-Cypherpunk Era – Cryptology for Everyone

Since the NSA affair, more and more laymen are showing interest in CryptoParties.

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Introduction: Doing Business

Why the economic factor is more important than ever

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Learning on the Move. The Smartphone as Teacher

Mobile technologies are increasingly playing a decisive role in learning and education

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

The expansion of big retailers in developing countries poses a challenge for food security.

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The Anti-Restaurants

It is trendy to celebrate food culture. Organized through apps or blogs, strangers meet in so called supper clubs – but sharing food has a long tradition.

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The Future Protein?

Insects are a sustainable source of protein since they eat bio-waste. Entofood aims to produce insects on industrial scale. An interview with its founder.

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The SEED Initiative


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Colombia: The Most Destructive Weapon

Colombians have long been ruled by fear. Now they are breaking free.

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Europe’s Working Poor

In some parts of Europe, garment workers earn less than their Asian counterparts – even if they work for big brands

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The Lost Soils

Land degradation threatens one quarter of Earth’s soils. A global initiative wants to raise awareness.

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CuveWaters: Water and Sanitation for Arid Northern Namibia

How to provide water and sanitation even in extremely dry regions.

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The Role of Earth Observation Technology

Technologies can help to support policy aims in enviromental and natural resources gouvernance

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