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Dear Reader, after seven years of inspiring discussions, „Digital Development Debates“ (DDD) has been discontinued in September 2017. DDD was created in 2010 as an innovative digital platform for the development community. With 20 ...


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20 Years After the Outbreak of the Bosnian

The terrible effective power of prejudices came fully to the fore in the Bosnian War

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Making a Plan and Sticking to it

Franz Joseph Radermacher answered DDD’s questions about the Global Marshall Plan, the 0.7% goal and global governance.

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Biodiversity As Opportunity

Biodiversity: New opportunities and risks for companies

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Transparency in Microfinance


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Uganda's Lost Girls

Former girls soldiers in Northern Uganda still face tremendous problems. We can help them.

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African Reinventions

Open Source Software as Ubuntu or Ushahidi prove Africa’s digital potential. How knowledge sharing alters the continent.

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Closing the Gap With Sport

Supporting youngsters through sport programmes has become a part of South Africa's policies.

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Talking Pictures

In areas with high numbers of illiterate information and education is shared via pictures.

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Access to sport and physical activity is a fundamental right.

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Calling Freedom

Humans in remote areas or sensitive situations often find themselves detached from the flow of information – Freedom Fone is a software to tackle this.

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Interview: "A message of Freedom"

Women' soccer in Palestine: Despite the checkpoints and the war, palestinian soccer players pass a message of freedom.

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Lands of the Arab Spring

The “land question” is raging across the Middle East and North Africa Region.

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