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Dear Reader, after seven years of inspiring discussions, „Digital Development Debates“ (DDD) has been discontinued in September 2017. DDD was created in 2010 as an innovative digital platform for the development community. With 20 ...


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The Future’s Architects

Kibera, once named one of Africa’s worst slums, has watched officials repeatedly fail to respond effectively to its growth. Until now.

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Almost one third of the global population suffer from hunger and malnutrition – we must not accept that.

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Book Review: Expulsions

In her latest book “Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy”, Saskia Sassen presents a serious critique of economic restructuring.

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Leaving the Niche

VAUDE is increasingly known for its sustainable production. They started in a niche but might be the trendsetters. An interview with CEO, Antje von Dewitz.

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The New Faces of the Favela

Young people from the favelas can be so much more than just members of a drug gang.

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Crisis Management: Understanding the Real Impact of ICTs

About Understanding the Real Impact of ICTs, Social Media and Crisis Mapping

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Peat Swamp Forests

A Project designed to prevent deforestation of the peat swamp forests

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Facts or Rumors?

Social media plays a huge role in African conflict zones. It offers ways for evading media restrictions, but also bears dangers inherent in its use.

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Interview With Alvin Marcelo: Software That 'Makes You Healthy'

How software can make you healthy

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The New Farm Owners

Regulation of land grabs won't help - land grab financing needs to stop.

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Not 'Progress' But Prejudice: Development

What does "development" mean for Tribal people: for whom, by whom and to what end?

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We Are All Journalists: The Future of Reporting

When everyone can be a reporter, who are the journalists?

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