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Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera

Fighting for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in Uganda, Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera is one of the most courageous and outspoken human rights activists in Africa. Operating within a hostile and repressive environment, Nabagesera has shed light on human rights violations, and has successfully used the judicial system to advance LGBTI rights. She has overcome threats to campaign against repressive laws and uses a range of creative and innovative tools to continue breaking myths and stereotypes surrounding LGBTI people in Uganda and elsewhere. Kasha Nabagesera is Right Livelihood Award Laureate (also known as “Alternative Nobel Price”).

Copyright: Portrait of Nabagesera by Christine Dierenbach.


Leila Nachawati

Leila Nachawati is a Spanish-Syrian communication strategist and human rights activist with a special focus on the Middle East and North Africa. She is a professor of Communications at Carlos III University in Madrid, where she is currently studying her PhD on media and repressive contexts. She writes for several media like El Mundo, Eldiario.es, Global Voices Online and Al-Jazeera. Follow her on Twitter:


Esther Nakazzi

Esther Nakkazi works as a freelance Science and technology journalist, a Senior Reporter for Scidev & University World News and as a media trainer. She is based in Kampala, Uganda. Currenty she takes part in a Journalist in Residence Program at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp.


Reema Nanavaty

Reema Nanavaty is the General Secretary of the Indian Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA), the single largest union of informal sector workers. Reema oversees 3200 self help groups (SHG), 110 co-operatives and 15 federations totaling 428,281 members.

She negotiated the first ever IFAD loan to rebuild lives of 60,000 earthquake affected rural women and is running post conflict reconstruction for 40,000 members affected by 2002 riots. She is leading a rehabilitation programme in Afghanistan and in Srilanka and a vocational training in agro and rural livelihood security; she is expanding activities of the Trade Facilitation Centre and heads the ICT cell to connect technological information with the farm women.

Reema Nanavaty initiated the food security covering one million households through its rural distribution network, named RUDI, where women farmers and labour trade their agro-produce with each other. Furthermore, Reema is spearheading the Hariyali–Green Energy and Livelihoods Initiative to provide 2,00,000 mostly farm women access renewable energy tools of cookstoves and solar lights.


Anirudh Narla

Anirudh Narla is a tech startup enthusiast who did his bachelors in Computer Engineering and Entrepreneurship in Singapore and is currently helping Entrepreneurs in Ghana build their billion-dollar company. During his free time he is seeking out new adventures, travelling and trying his hands at photography.


Lundquist Neubauer

Lundquist Neubauer is a sociologist and media scientist who works as a public relations manager. He is currently Communication Manager at Verivox GmbH. His thesis “Bad News for Africa?! A comparative analysis of Ghanaian and German news reporting” developed while he was in Accra, Ghana for a few months. He also works for the German NGO Ampion as a communication consultant. Since 2013, Ampion has organised venture buses through 15 African countries, bringing young African and international entrepreneurs in contact with potential investors. To date Ampion has helped create over 30 new companies. International start-up founders can register for the Ampion bus programme at


Ina Neuberger

Ina Neuberger works as Media and Communications Manager at WFC.

She has a degree in political science and used to work on the management board of the German communications agency Straub & Linardatos. There she built up and managed different units. As Senior Consultant she looked after clients in finance, health, tourism and mobility.

Beforehand she ran her own brand communications agency. She took over the management of the media and communications department in the WFC head office in January 2011


Charles Newman

Charles Newman is a trained architect and has worked across numerous regions of East Africa. He was most recently the Director Emeritus of Kounkuey Design Initiative’s (KDI) Kenya office in Nairobi. Charles is a 2018 Master’s in Design Studies Candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.


Susanne Nickel

Susanne Nickel works as a freelance journalist and for the Deutsche Welle in Bonn. She is responsible for online editing and press and public relations as part of the preparations for the Global Media Forum. Since 2006 she has run her own journalist agency (sun media. agency for media communication).

Susanne Nickel has also worked for a number of radio stations, government administrations and institutions in the German state of North Rhine–Westphalia, and the federal government in Berlin. The sun media agency offers a range of services including website development, print media design of all kinds, and concept development for public relations. Susanne Nickel specializes in the environmental sector with a focus on sustainable development in particular.


Dirk Niebel

Dirk Niebel was German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development from 2009 to 2013.


Elizabeth Norman

Elizabeth Norman is a freelance writer and regular correspondent for the organisation Safe World for Women specialising in human rights, conflict and development. Elizabeth is particularly interested in issues relating to children in conflict, especially the underreported issue of child piracy. In 2013 she received a distinction from the University of Sheffield for her Master’s thesis entitled “How should we legislate at the international level with regards to child pirates?”


Franz Nuscheler

Franz Nuscheler is Senior Fellow at the INEF (Institute for Development and Peace) at the University of Duisburg-Essen and the Johannes Kepler University Linz.


Seember Nyager

Seember Nyager works as Chief Executive of the Public and Private Development Centre (www.procurementmonitor.org), a non-profit organization registered in Nigeria, whose activities are aimed at increasing citizens’ participation in governance in a way that improves the integrity of public and private sector processes. Seember oversees public procurement monitoring activities among civil society organizations and professional bodies across Nigeria. Seember has offered peer learning support to the Core operations unit of the World Bank Africa region in the formation of contract monitoring coalitions in other African countries and using her organization’s portal as case study, won the WBI and GIZ supported procurement innovation challenge. Seember is also one of 17 sprinters, convened by the World Bank Institute, to author and champion open contracting practices across the globe. Previously, Seember has been engaged as script writer and has assisted in the production of radio drama and magazine programs for aimed toward stimulating social change. Seember has a personal interest in actively contributing to the deployment and use of appropriate ICT tools that stimulate and support decentralized media; thus, increasing the space for individuals to participate in governance at various levels and is devoted to working in spheres that promote the values of democracy